Simon Sprengel wins Apprenticeship Award of the Max Planck Society

Simon Sprengel honored for outstanding performance at Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung

September 17, 2021

Simon Sprengel has won the Apprenticeship Award of the Max Planck Society as an industrial mechanic at the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (MPIE). The prize is awarded for outstanding professional and educational achievements and is endowed with 750€.

Sprengel's apprenticeship focused on the construction of fine equipment, including computer assisted milling work in the MPIE's workshop: “I was already interested in manual work and working with metal, therefore an apprenticeship at the MPIE was the ideal decision. The equipment here is great, we have good instructors, and it's also a good fit on a personal level. Winning this prize makes me especially happy now,” says Sprengel.

Trainer Ralf Selbach feels that the training of the next generation has been appreciated: “It's great to see how we can integrate and promote the apprentices in the scientific community. This award rewards Simon's outstanding performance, but is also a tribute to the work done in the mechanical workshop.”

Executive Dr. Kai de Weldige also emphasizes the importance of the work of non-scientific employees at the MPIE: “Science is not only research in the lab, but also close cooperation with non-scientific departments that are the backbone of research.”

In the next four years, Sprengel will visit night school to complete his technical education. Meanwhile, he will remain at the MPIE as an industrial mechanic.

In addition to apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic, the MPIE also offers five other apprenticeships: Chemical laboratory assistant, IT specialist for system integration, office management assistant, mathematical-technical software developer and materials tester. The possibilities afterwards are manifold. Some apprentices stay at the institute. Others go into industry or decide to study at university.

Author: Robin Bitter

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