The workshop will focus on the recent progress in the development and application of ab initio based methods for the description of iron, steels and other metallic materials. The main topics of this (8th) ADIS workshop, will be diffusion and precipitation, including their nucleation, interfaces, phase stability and hardening effects.

Focus Sessions

The aim of the sessions is to create a platform for discussing with leading experts recent results and scientific developments in the context of precipitation. The workshop will encompass (i) accurate methods that are able to capture phenomena at the electronic and atomic level and (ii) efficient coarse-graining methodologies to address aspect of micro­structures related to the forming precipitates.

The topics of the focus sessions are:

  • Diffusion in multicomponent metallic alloys, including the calculation of diffusion barriers, the impact of temperature and magnetism, and the diffusion across/along structural defects.
  • Precipitate nucleation for the homogeneous and the heterogeneous case, for carbides and  intermetallic phases.
  • Thermodynamics and mechanics of the nano-sized precipitates, including the energetics of interfaces, the difference to bulk thermo­dynamics, as well as the impact on mechanical properties

To best fit these needs of this workshop, we are asking for tutorial-like one-hour talks, including 15 min intensive discussions. In addition to these lectures also a few scientific presentations that are more in the style of conference talks will be given, which are limited to 30 minutes (including 10 min discussion).

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