In-situ Near Ambient Pressure Cell

  • E-beam heating possibility up to 600 °C at 20 mbar in N2, pressure tested at 40 mbar
  • Spare second Cell for exchange, special design for high temperatures up to 800 °C
  • Easy exchange of the In-situ NAP Cells
  • Small reaction volume
  • Sample cooling possibility with liqiud nitrogen down to 200 K at 20 mbar
  • Performance 4 to 7 times higher than postulated in the tendering procedure

Gas supply

  • Ar, N2, O2, H2 with a quality better 5.0 from the central gas supply
  • CO, CO2 from gas cabinets in the laboratory
  • Fully UHV compatible gas purification system, controlled by SPECS software
  • Ozon generator
  • Optical Chilled Mirror controlled humidity calibration systems for humidification of the process gases
  • Well-thought-out valve assemble which allows the purging of the Near Ambient Pressure Cell with gases and vapor
  • Evacuable and bakeable gas lines

High-Pressure/High-Temperature Cell

  • Halogen lamp for sample heating
  • Chamber-in-chamber design with water cooled inner chamber, small reaction volume
  • Thermal Mass Flow Controllers and Pressure Controller, implemented in SPECS software
  • Small reaction volume
  • Sample temperatures up to 600 °C for He and H2 and up to 800 °C for all other gases at pressures up to 20 bar
  • Operation with reactive gases including O2, H2
  • Gas supply from gas purification system via heated UHV-compatible gas pipes allows ultra-clean conditions


  • Conceptualized to dry wet samples after electrochemical treatment (Buffer-Chamber)
  • Eqiupped with a Kelvin Probe and optics for fiberoptic coupling of IR light for FTIR measurements
  • Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer in combination with cooled sample manipulators and a Infrared Guide Heating System for TDS measurements
  • Gas dosing valve with stepper motor for hydrogen charging of TDS samples
  • Cryogenic Transport System for the  transport of electrochemically conditioned samples to the Bochum University to perform LT-STM measurements
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