Publications of Yue Yin

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Journal Article
Yin, Y.; Prabhakar, J. M.; Ebbinghaus, P.; Corrêa da Silva, C.; Rohwerder, M.: Neutral inhibitor molecules entrapped into polypyrrole network for corrosion protection. Chemical Engineering Journal 440, 135739 (2022)
Journal Article
Yin, Y.; Zhao, H.; Prabhakar, J. M.; Rohwerder, M.: Organic composite coatings containing mesoporous silica particles: Degradation of the SiO2 leading to self-healing of the delaminated interface. Corrosion Science 200, 110252 (2022)
Journal Article
Yin, Y.; Schulz, M.; Rohwerder, M.: Optimizing smart self-healing coatings: Investigating the transport of active agents from the coating towards the defect. Corrosion Science 190, 109661 (2021)
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