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Journal Article
Poul, M.; Huber, L.; Bitzek, E.; Neugebauer, J.: Systematic Structure Datasets for Machine Learning Potentials: Application to Moment Tensor Potentials of Magnesium and its Defects. Condensed Matter: Materials Science (2022)
Journal Article
Dsouza, R.; Huber, L.; Grabowski, B.; Neugebauer, J.: Approximating the impact of nuclear quantum effects on thermodynamic properties of crystalline solids by temperature remapping. Physical Review B 105 (18), 184111 (2022)
Journal Article
Zhao, H.; Huber, L.; Lu, W.; Peter, N. J.; An, D.; De Geuser, F.; Dehm, G.; Ponge, D.; Neugebauer, J.; Gault, B. et al.; Raabe, D.: Interplay of Chemistry and Faceting at Grain Boundaries in a Model Al Alloy. Physical Review Letters 124 (10), 106102 (2020)
Journal Article
Huber, L.; Hadian, R.; Grabowski, B.; Neugebauer, J.: A machine learning approach to model solute grain boundary segregation. npj Computational Materials 4 (1), 64 (2018)
Journal Article
Huber, L.; Grabowski, B.; Militzer, M.; Neugebauer, J.; Rottler, J.: A QM/MM approach for low-symmetry defects in metals. Computational Materials Science 118, pp. 259 - 268 (2016)
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