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  1. 221.
    Conference Paper
    Akiyama, E.; Hassel, A. W.; Stratmann, M.: A study of current transients caused by single particle impact on electrodes. In: Proceed. Asian Pacific Corr. Contr. Conf. 13, pp. C02 1 - C02 8. (2003)
  2. 222.
    Conference Paper
    Fushimi, K.; Hassel, A. W.; Stratmann, M.: Passive Film Formed on Shape Memory NiTi-Alloy in Sulfuric Acid. In: Proceed. Asian Pacific Corr. Contr. Conf. 13, pp. L06 1 - L06 8. (2003)
  3. 223.
    Conference Paper
    Hassel, W.; Bonk, S.; Wicinski, M.; Stratmann, M.: Corrosion of zinc coated steel sheets under cyclic corrosion conditions. Asian Pacific Corr. Contr. Conf. 13. Proceed. Asian Pacific CoRR. Contr. Conf. 13, pp. P03 1 - P03 6 (2003)
  4. 224.
    Conference Paper
    Stratmann, M.; Hausbrand, R.; Rohwerder, M.: Novel Zinc Alloy Coatings: Tailored Semiconducting Oxides for Improved Corrosion Protection and Adhesion of Organic Coatings. Japan Society of Corrosion Engineering, pp. 1 - 7 (2003)
  5. 225.
    Conference Paper
    Tsuri, S.; Hassel, A. W.; Stratmann, M.: Electrochemical Behaviour of Low Alloy Steels during Atmospheric Corrosion. In: Proceed. Asian Pacific Corr. Contr. Conf. 13, pp. A05 1 - A05 8. (2003)
  6. 226.
    Conference Paper
    Hornung, E.; Rohwerder, M.; Stratmann, M.: Scanning Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy - Chances and Limitations for in Situ Delamination Measurements. PV 2002-13 Corrosion Science: A Retrospective and Current Status, pp. 618 - 623 (2002)
  7. 227.
    Conference Paper
    Jaehne, E.; Kowalik, T.; Adler, H.-J.; Plagge, A.; Stratmann, M.: Ultra-thin layers of phosphorylated cellulose derivatives on metal surfaces. Macromolecular Symposia 2002, Vol. 177, pp. 97 - 109 (2002)
  8. 228.
    Conference Paper
    Rohwerder, M.; Stratmann, M.: From molecular aspects of delamination to new polymeric coatings. Macromolecular Symposia, 2002. Macromolecular Symposia 187, pp. 35 - 42 (2002)
  9. 229.
    Conference Paper
    Stratmann, M.: The Atmospheric Corrosion of Iron and Steel - A Historic Review and Future Perspectives. In: PV 2002-13 Corrosion Science: A Retrospective and Current Status, pp. 89 - 104. PV 2002-13 Corrosion Science: A Retrospective and Current Status, Philadelphia, USA, 2002. (2002)
  10. 230.
    Conference Paper
    Stratmann, M.: Advanced electrochemical techniques in corrosion research. 15th International Corrosion Congress: Frontiers in Corrosion Science and Technology, pp. 353 - 354 (2002)
  11. 231.
    Conference Paper
    Stratmann, M.; Grundmeier, G.: High-tech und Stahl-Neue, Ansätze zur Oberflächenveredelung von Stahl. 17. Aachener Stahlkolloquium Werkstofftechnik: Perspektive mit Stahl, pp. 93 - 100 (2002)
  12. 232.
    Conference Paper
    Tsuri, S.; Hassel, A. W.; Stratmann, M.: Effect of Sulfate and Chloride Ions on Corrosion Potential and Corrosion Rate Transient during Atmospheric Corrosion of Low Alloy Steels. 15, Technical Research Laboratories, pp. 22 - 29 (2002)
  13. 233.
    Conference Paper
    Wapner, K.; Stratmann, M.; Grundmeier, G.: The application of the scanning Kelvin probe for investigating the deadhesion of adhesives on iron and zinc. In: EURADH. IOM Communications, pp. 24 - 27. EURADH. IOM Communications, Glasgow, UK. (2002)
  14. 234.
    Conference Paper
    Rohwerder, M.; de Boeck, A.; Ogle, K.; Rehnisch, O.; Reier, T.; Stellnberger, K.-H.; Steinbeck, C.; Wormuth, R.; Stratmann, M.: Investigation of the delamination of polymer-coated zinc and steel surfaces with the scanning Kelvin probe in a climatic cycle test. In: GALVATECH 2001, Conf. Proc., pp. 585 - 592. GALVATECH 2001, Brussels, Belgium, June 26, 2001 - June 28, 2001. Stahleisen Verlag, Düsseldorf, Germany (2001)
  15. 235.
    Conference Paper
    Dannenfeldt, M.; Stratmann, M.: Aluminiumhaltige Stähle: Neuer Werkstoff hoher Korrosionsbeständigkeit? In: Konstruktiver Korrosionsschutz (Eds. Materialforschung, D. V. f.; (DVM), –. e.V.). DDVM-Tag 1998 – Bauteil ´98, Berlin, Germany, May 06, 1998 - May 08, 1998. (1998)
  16. 236.
    Conference Paper
    Stratmann, M.; Rohwerder, M.; Reinartz, C.; Bram, C.; Jung, C.: Surface Modification of Reactive Metals for Increasing the Stability of Metal/Polymer Interfaces. In: ECASIA 97, pp. 13 - 20. ECASIA 97: 7th European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface Analysis, Gothenburg, Sweden, June 16, 1997 - June 20, 1997. (1997)
  17. 237.
    Conference Paper
    Stratmann, M.; Fürbeth, W.; Grundmeier, G.: The Scanning-Kelvinprobe - A New Technique in Modern Corrosion Science. CORROSION ‘97, Research Topical Symposia, New Orleans, LA, USA. Proceedings Corrosion '97, (1997)
  18. 238.
    Conference Paper
    Grabke, H. J.; Hirsch, S.; Reynders, B.; Stratmann, M.; Tomac, S.: Role of nitrogen in the corrosion of high nitrogen alloys and steels. In: Proc. Int. Conf. HNS, pp. 513 - 518. (1993)
  19. 239.
    Conference Paper
    Stratmann, M.; Volmer, M.; Wolpers, M.: Stability and Reactivity of Chemically Modified Iron Surfaces. In: European Conference on Advanced Materials and Processes Proc.. European Conference on Advanced Materials and Processes, Aachen, Germany. (1989)

Meeting Abstract (1)

  1. 240.
    Meeting Abstract
    Rohwerder, M.; de Weldige, K.; Stratmann, M.: Study of the self assembly of alkanethiols on gold under control of the electrode potential. In Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 214 (2), pp. 348 - PHYS. (1997)
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