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Publications of Asif Bashir

Talk (7)

Merzlikin, S. V.; Bashir, A.; Rohwerder, M.: Hydrogen embrittlement and traps structure of advanced high strength sheet steel for automotive applications. ICH2P-2014, International Conference on Hydrogen Production, Fukuoka, Japan. (2014)
Muglali, M. I.; Bashir, A.; Rohwerder, M.: A study on oxygen reduction inhibition at pyridine-terminated self assembled monolayer modified Au(111) electrodes. Workshop on Engineering of Functional Interfaces, Hasselt Univ, Campus Diepenbeek, Diepenbeek, Belgium (2011)
Bashir, A.; Muglali, M. I.; Hamou, R. F.; Rohwerder, M.: SECPM Study: Influence of the Tip Material and Its Coating on the Accuracy of Potential Profiling Across Electrical Double Layer at Solid/Liquid Interface. 217th ECS Meeting, Vancouver, Canada (2010)

Poster (1)

Rechmann, J.; Götzinger, A. C.; Dirksen, E.; Krzywiecki, M.; Bashir, A.; Müller, T. J. J.; Erbe, A.: Corrosion processes of gold modified with phenothiazine based SAMs in aqueous electrolytes. ICOMF16-LB16 - 16th International Conference on Organized Molecular Films, Helsinki, Finland (2016)
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