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    Bhogireddy, V. S. P. K.; Hüter, C.; Neugebauer, J.; Steinbach, I.; Karma, A. S.; Spatschek, R. P.: Phase-field modeling of grain-boundary premelting using obstacle potentials. Physical Review E 90 (1), 012401 (2014)
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    Adland, A.; Karma, A. S.; Spatschek, R. P.; Buta, D.; Asta, M. D.: Phase-field-crystal study of grain boundary premelting and shearing in bcc iron. Physical Review B 87 (2), 024110 (2013)
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    Journal Article
    Spatschek, R. P.; Adland, A.; Karma, A. S.: Structural short-range forces between solid-melt interfaces. Physical Review B 87 (2), 024109 (2013)
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