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Conference Paper
Krasemann, M.; Streckel, H.; Hoffmann, K.; Grabke, H.-J.; Stratmann, M.: Detection of Hydrogen Ingress into Iron Oxide and Iron Oxy-Hydroxide Layers by the Kelvin Probe. In: Proceedings of the Symposium on Passivity And its Breakdown, Vol. 97, pp. 207 - 220 (Eds. Natishan, P. M.; Isaacs, H. S.; Janik Czachor, M.; Macagno, V. A.; Marcus, P. et al.). Symposium on Passivity and its Breakdown at the 1st Joint International Meeting of the Electrochemical-Society/International-Society-of-Electrochemistry, Paris, France, September 01, 1997 - September 05, 1997. (1998)
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