Publications of Thomas Wübben

Journal Article (1)

Journal Article
Girgsdies, F.; Ressler, T.; Wild, U.; Wübben, T.; Balk, T. J.; Dehm, G.; Zhou, L.; Günther, S.; Arzt, E.; Imbihl, R. et al.; Schlögl, R.: Strained thin copper films as model catalysts in the materials gap. Catalysis Letters 102 (1-2), pp. 91 - 97 (2005)

Conference Paper (2)

Conference Paper
Wübben, T.; Dehm, G.; Arzt, E.: Thermomechanical behavior of thin metal films under different ambient conditions. In: AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 817, pp. 98 - 103. 8th International Workshop on Stress-Induced Phenomena in Metallization; Code 68627, Dresden; Germany, September 12, 2005 - September 14, 2005. (2006)
Conference Paper
Wübben, T.; Dehm, G.; Arzt, E.: Influence of Gas Atmosphere on the Plasticity of Metal Thin Films. In: Materials Research Society Symposia Proceedings, Vol. 875, pp. O6.5.1 - O6.5.6. 2005 MRS Spring Meeting. North Holland, New York, USA (2005)
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