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Wan, D.; Ma, Y.; Sun, B.; Razavi, S. M. J.; Wang, D.; Lu, X.; Song, W.: Evaluation of hydrogen effect on the fatigue crack growth behavior of medium-Mn steels via in-situ hydrogen plasma charging in an environmental scanning electron microscope. Journal of Materials Science & Technology 85, pp. 30 - 43 (2021)
Journal Article
Varanasi, R. S.; Zaefferer, S.; Sun, B.; Ponge, D.: Localized deformation inside the Lüders front of a medium manganese steel. Materials Science and Engineering A: Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing 824, 141816 (2021)
Journal Article
Sun, B.; Wang, D.; Lu, X.; Wan, D.; Zhang, X.: Current Challenges and Opportunities Toward Understanding Hydrogen Embrittlement Mechanisms in Advanced High-Strength Steels: A Review. Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters) 34, pp. 741 - 754 (2021)
Journal Article
Li, X.; Sun, B.; Guan, B.; Jia, Y.-F.; Gong, C.-Y.; Zhang, X.; Tu, S.-T.: Elucidating the effect of gradient structure on strengthening mechanisms and fatigue behavior of pure titanium. International Journal of Fatigue 146, 106142 (2021)
Journal Article
Yang, Y.; Mu, W.; Sun, B.; Jiang, H.; Mi, Z.: New insights to understand the strain-state-dependent austenite stability in a medium Mn steel: An experimental and theoretical investigation. Materials Science and Engineering A: Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing 809, 140993 (2021)
Journal Article
Wei, Y.; Varanasi, R. S.; Schwarz, T.; Gomell, L.; Zhao, H.; Larson, D. J.; Sun, B.; Liu, G.; Chen, H.; Raabe, D. et al.; Gault, B.: Machine-learning-enhanced time-of-flight mass spectrometry analysis. Patterns 2 (2), 100192 (2021)
Journal Article
Lee, D.-H.; Sun, B.; Lee, S.; Ponge, D.; Jägle, E. A.; Raabe, D.: Comparative study of hydrogen embrittlement resistance between additively and conventionally manufactured 304L austenitic stainless steels. Materials Science and Engineering A: Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing 803, 140499 (2021)
Journal Article
Sun, B.; Lu, W.; Gault, B.; Ding, R.; Makineni, S. K.; Wan, D.; Wu, C.-H.; Chen, H.; Ponge, D.; Raabe, D.: Chemical heterogeneity enhances hydrogen resistance in high-strength steels. Nature Materials (2021)
Journal Article
Zhang, J.; Huang, M.; Sun, B.; Zhang, B.; Ding, R.; Luo, C.; Zeng, W.; Zhang, C.; Yang, Z.; van der Zwaag, S. et al.; Chen, H.: Critical role of Lüders banding in hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility of medium Mn steels. Scripta Materialia 190, pp. 32 - 37 (2021)
Journal Article
Ma, Y.; Sun, B.; Schökel, A.; Song, W.; Ponge, D.; Raabe, D.; Bleck, W.: Phase boundary segregation-induced strengthening and discontinuous yielding in ultrafine-grained duplex medium-Mn steels. Acta Materialia 200, pp. 389 - 403 (2020)
Journal Article
Raabe, D.; Sun, B.; Kwiatkowski da Silva, A.; Gault, B.; Yen, H.-W.; Sedighiani, K.; Prithiv, T. S.; Souza Filho, I. R.; Katnagallu, S.; Jägle, E. A. et al.; Kürnsteiner, P.; Kusampudi, N.; Stephenson, L.; Herbig, M.; Liebscher, C.; Springer, H.; Zaefferer, S.; Shah, V.; Wong, S. L.; Baron, C.; Diehl, M.; Roters, F.; Ponge, D.: Current Challenges and Opportunities in Microstructure-Related Properties of Advanced High-Strength Steels. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 51, pp. 5517 - 5586 (2020)
Journal Article
An, D.; Zhao, H.; Sun, B.; Zaefferer, S.: Direct observations of collinear dislocation interaction in a Fe–17.4 Mn–1.50 Al–0.29 C (wt.%) austenitic steel under cyclic loading by in-situ electron channelling contrast imaging and cross-correlation electron backscatter diffraction. Scripta Materialia 186, pp. 341 - 345 (2020)
Journal Article
Breen, A. J.; Stephenson, L.; Sun, B.; Li, Y.; Kasian, O.; Raabe, D.; Herbig, M.; Gault, B.: Solute hydrogen and deuterium observed at the near atomic scale in high-strength steel. Acta Materialia 188, pp. 108 - 120 (2020)
Journal Article
Haghdadi, N.; Cizek, P.; Hodgson, P. D.; He, Y.; Sun, B.; Jonas, J. J.; Rohrer, G. S.; Beladi, H.: New insights into the interface characteristics of a duplex stainless steel subjected to accelerated ferrite-to-austenite transformation. Journal of Materials Science 55 (12), pp. 5322 - 5339 (2020)
Journal Article
Ding, R.; Yao, Y.; Sun, B.; Liu, G.; He, J.; Li, T.; Wan, X.; Dai, Z.; Ponge, D.; Raabe, D. et al.; Zhang, C.; Godfrey, A.; Miyamoto, G.; Furuhara, T.; Yang, Z.; van der Zwaag, S.; Chen, H.: Chemical boundary engineering: A new route toward lean, ultrastrong yet ductile steels. Science Advances 6 (13), eaay1430 (2020)
Journal Article
Sun, B.; Krieger, W.; Rohwerder, M.; Ponge, D.; Raabe, D.: Dependence of hydrogen embrittlement mechanisms on microstructure-driven hydrogen distribution in medium Mn steels. Acta Materialia 183, pp. 313 - 328 (2020)
Journal Article
Sun, B.; Ma, Y.; Vanderesse, N.; Varanasi, R. S.; Song, W.; Bocher, P.; Ponge, D.; Raabe, D.: Macroscopic to nanoscopic in situ investigation on yielding mechanisms in ultrafine grained medium Mn steels: Role of the austenite-ferrite interface. Acta Materialia 178, pp. 10 - 25 (2019)
Journal Article
Sun, B.; Ding, R.; Brodusch, N.; Chen, H.; Guo, B.; Fazeli, F.; Ponge, D.; Gauvin, R.; Yue, S.: Improving the ductility of ultrahigh-strength medium Mn steels via introducing pre-existed austenite acting as a “reservoir” for Mn atoms. Materials Science and Engineering A: Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing 749, pp. 235 - 240 (2019)
Journal Article
Sun, B.; Palanisamy, D.; Ponge, D.; Gault, B.; Fazeli, F.; Scott, C.; Yue, S.: Revealing fracture mechanisms of medium manganese steels with and without delta-ferrite. Acta Materialia 164, pp. 683 - 696 (2019)

Talk (2)

Sun, B.; Krieger, W.; Ponge, D.; Rohwerder, M.; Raabe, D.: Hydrogen embrittlement of medium Mn steels with ferrite matrix or austenite matrix. 4th High Manganese Steel 2019 HMnS, Aachen, Germany (2019)
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