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Conference Paper
Horiuchi, T.; Stein, F.; Abe, K.; Yamada, K.: Investigation of Precipitation and Stability of Complex Intermetallic Phases in a Co–3.9Nb Alloy. In: Proc. Intermetallics 2017, pp. 142 - 143 (Eds. Heilmaier, M.; Krüger, M.; Mayer, S.; Palm, M.; Stein, F.). Intermetallics 2017, Educational Center Kloster Banz, Bad Staffelstein, Germany, October 02, 2017 - October 06, 2017. Conventus Congressmanagement & Marketing GmbH, Jena, Germany (2017)

Talk (1)

Horiuchi, T.; Stein, F.; Abe, K.; Taniguchi, S.: Formation of Complex Intermetallic Phases from Supersaturated Co Solid Solution in a Co–3.9Nb Alloy. TMS 2017 Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, USA (2017)
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