Publications of Julian B. Reindl

Journal Article (1)

Journal Article
Dorman, J. A.; Weickert, J.; Reindl, J. B.; Putnik, M.; Wisnet, A.; Noebels, M.; Scheu, C.; Schmidt-Mende, L.: Control of recombination pathways in TiO2 nanowire hybrid solar cells using Sn4+ dopants. SI 118 (30), pp. 16672 - 16679 (2014)

Poster (1)

Folger, A.; Betzler, S. B.; Wisnet, A.; Reindl, J. B.; Schmidt-Mende, L.; Scheu, C.: Electron microscopic investigation of TiO2/NbxOy core-shell nanowires for application in hybrid solar cells. E-MRS Spring Meeting 2014, Lille, France (2014)
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