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    Timmerscheidt, T. A.; Dey, P.; Bogdanovski, D.; von Appen, J.; Hickel, T.; Neugebauer, J.; Dronskowski, R.: The role of kappa carbides as hydrogen traps in high-Mn steels. Metals 7 (7), 264 (2017)
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    Journal Article
    von Appen, J.; Dronskowski, R.; Chakrabarty, A.; Hickel, T.; Spatschek, R. P.; Neugebauer, J.: Impact of Mn on the solution enthalpy of hydrogen in austenitic Fe–Mn alloys: A first-principles study. Journal of Computational Chemistry 35 (31), pp. 2239 - 2244 (2014)

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    Dey, P.; Timmerscheidt, T. A.; von Appen, J.; Hickel, T.; Dronskowski, R.; Neugebauer, J.: Ab-initio investigation of the interaction of hydrogen with carbides in advanced high-strength steels. TMS 2017, San Diego, CA, USA (2017)
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