Publications of Rachel Zucker

Journal Article (1)

Journal Article
Wisnet, A.; Betzler, S. B.; Zucker, R.; Dorman, J. A.; Wagatha, P.; Matich, S.; Okunishi, E.; Schmidt-Mende, L.; Scheu, C.: Model for hydrothermal growth of rutile wires and the associated development of defect structures. Crystal Growth & Design 14 (9), pp. 4658 - 4663 (2014)

Talk (1)

Müller, A.; Zucker, R.; Folger, A.; Zheng, J.; Scheu, C.; Carter, C.: Coupling Analysis and Theory to Improve Photocatalysis. MISTI Germany Seed Fund Meeting, Cambridge, MA, USA (2014)

Poster (1)

Müller, A.; Folger, A.; Kondofersky, I.; Hufnagel, A.; Zucker, R.; Fattakhova-Rohlfing, D.; Carter, C.; Bein, T.; Scheu, C.: Three-Dimensional Analysis of Photoelectrodes by FIB Sectioning. nanoGe Solar Fuel Conference 15, Mallorca, Spain (2015)
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