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    Gharavi, M.; Armiento, R.; Alling, B.; Eklund, P.: Theoretical study of phase stability, crystal and electronic structure of MeMgN2 (Me = Ti, Zr, Hf) compounds. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 53 (6), pp. 4294 - 4305 (2018)
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    Kerdsongpanya, S.; Hellman, O.; Sun, B.; Koh, Y. K.; Lu, J.; Van Nong, N.; Simak, S. I.; Alling, B.; Eklund, P.: Phonon thermal conductivity of scandium nitride for thermoelectrics from first-principles calculations and thin-film growth. Physical Review B 96 (19), 195417 (2017)
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    Landälv, L.; Lu, J.; Spitz, S.; Leiste, H.; Ulrich, S.; Johansson-Jöesaar, M. P.; Ahlgren, M.; Göthelid, E.; Alling, B.; Hultman, L. et al.; Stüber, M.; Eklund, P.: Structural evolution in reactive RF magnetron sputtered (Cr,Zr)2O3 coatings during annealing. Acta Materialia 131, pp. 543 - 552 (2017)
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    Kerdsongpanya, S.; Sun, B.; Eriksson, F.; Jensen, J. A. D.; Lu, J.; Koh, Y. K.; Nong, N.; Balke, B.; Alling, B.; Eklund, P.: Experimental and theoretical investigation of Cr1-xScxN solid solutions for thermoelectrics. Journal of Applied Physics 120 (21), 215103 (2016)
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    Eklund, P.; Kerdsongpanya, S.; Alling, B.: Transition-metal-nitride-based thin films as novel energy harvesting materials. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (18), pp. 3905 - 3914 (2016)
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