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Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Raue, L.; Klein, H.; Raabe, D.: The Exoskeleton of the American Lobster - From Texture to Anisotropic Properties. Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Texture and Anisotropy in Polycrystals (ITAP3), Göttingen, Germany, September 23, 2009 - September 25, 2009. Solid State Phenomena 160, pp. 287 - 294 (2010)

Talk (5)

Raabe, D.; Sachs, C.; Fabritius, H.; Romano, P.; Raue, L.; Klein, H.; Al-Sawalmih, A.: Crystallographic Textures from the Exoskeleton of the Lobster Homarus Americanus and Calculation of the Mechanical Properties of the Calcite Phase. 15th International Conference on the Textures of Materials (ICOTOM 15), Carnegie Mellon University Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (2008)
Sachs, C.; Romano, P.; Raue, L.; Fabritius, H.; Klein, H.; Paris, O.; Al-Sawalmih, A.; Fratzl, P.; Wu, X.; Raabe, D.: Crystallographic and topological textures of biological materials and the resulting anisotropy of the mechanical properties. 15th International Conference on the Texture of Materials (ICOTOM 15), Pittsburgh, PA, USA (2008)
Raabe, D.; Fabritius, H.; Raue, L.; Klein, H.; Sachs, C.; Al-Sawalmih, A.; Yi, S. B.: Textures of biological matter. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V., Fachausschuss Texturen, RWTH Aachen, Germany (2007)
Raabe, D.; Al-Sawalmih, A.; Raue, L.; Klein, H.; Fabritius, H.: Texture of Alpha-chitin and Calcite as a Microscopic Composite Design and Macroscopic Biological Construction Principle of the Exoskeleton of the Lobster Homarus americanus. MRS Fall Conference, Boston, MA, USA (2006)
Al-Sawalmih, A.; Fabritius, H.; Raue, L.; Romano, P.; Sachs, C.; Yi, S. B.; Raabe, D.: Orientation and Crystallographic Texture of Calcite and Chitin in Lobster Shell. Euromat 2005, Prague, Czech Republic (2005)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Raue, L.: Kristallographische Texturen und richtungsabhängige mechanische Eigenschaften des Exoskeletts des amerikanischen Hummers sowie Texturen weiterer Biomaterialien. Dissertation, RWTH Aachen, Aachen, Germany (2008)
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