Publications of Michael Kulse

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Souza Filho, I. R.; Springer, H.; Ma, Y.; Mahajan, A.; Corrêa da Silva, C.; Kulse, M.; Raabe, D.: Green steel at its crossroads: Hybrid hydrogen-based reduction of iron ores. Journal of Cleaner Production 340, 130805 (2022)
Journal Article
Souza Filho, I. R.; Ma, Y.; Kulse, M.; Ponge, D.; Gault, B.; Springer, H.; Raabe, D.: Sustainable steel through hydrogen plasma reduction of iron ore: Process, kinetics, microstructure, chemistry. Acta Materialia 213, 116971 (2021)

Talk (1)

Raabe, D.; Kim, S.-H.; Zhang, X.; Ma, Y.; Souza Filho, I. R.; Schweinar, K.; Angenendt, K.; Vogel, D.; Stephenson, L.; El-Zoka, A. et al.; Mianroodi, J. R.; Rohwerder, M.; Gault, B.; Bai, Y.; Springer, H.; Ponge, D.; Kulse, M.; Mahajan, A.; Zaefferer, S.: Sustainable Metals. Virtual Keynote Perspective Lecture, Materials Chain and Materials Science Department, RUB , Bochum, Germany (accepted)
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