Publications of Kinga A. Unocic

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Journal Article
Massey, C. P.; Hoelzer, D. T.; Unocic, K. A.; Osetskiy, Y. N.; Edmondson, P. D.; Gault, B.; Zinkle, S. J.; Terrani, K. A.: Extensive nanoprecipitate morphology transformation in a nanostructured ferritic alloy due to extreme thermomechanical processing. Acta Materialia 200, pp. 922 - 931 (2020)
Journal Article
Massey, C. P.; Edmondson, P. D.; Unocic, K. A.; Yang, Y.; Dryepondt, S. N.; Kini, A.; Gault, B.; Terrani, K. A.; Zinkle, S. J.: The effect of Zr on precipitation in oxide dispersion strengthened FeCrAl alloys. Journal of Nuclear Materials 533, 152105 (2020)
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