Publications of Rui Zhang

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Journal Article
Zhang, R.; Zheng, W.; Veys, X.; Huyberechts, G. P. J.; Springer, H.; Selleby, M.: Prediction of Martensite Start Temperature for Lightweight Fe–Mn–Al–C Steels. Journal of Phase Equilibra and Diffusion 39 (5), pp. 476 - 489 (2018)
Journal Article
Man, H.; Guo, J.; Zhang, R.; Schönemann, R.; Yin, Z.; Fu, M.; Stone, M. B.; Huang, Q.; Song, Y.; Wang, W. et al.; Singh, D.; Lochner, F.; Hickel, T.; Eremin, I.; Harriger, L.; Lynn, J. W.; Broholm, C.; Balicas, L.; Si, Q.; Dai, P.: Spin excitations and the Fermi surface of superconducting FeS. npj Quantum Materials 2, 14, pp. 1 - 9 (2017)
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