Publications of Lukasz Rogal

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Journal Article
Rogal, L.; Ikeda, Y.; Lai, M.; Körmann, F.; Kalinowska, A.; Grabowski, B.: Design of a dual-phase hcp-bcc high entropy alloy strengthened by ω nanoprecipitates in the Sc–Ti–Zr–Hf–Re system. Materials and Design 192, 108716 (2020)
Journal Article
Rogal, L.; Morgiel, J.; Stein, F.; Breitbach, B.; Dutkiewicz, J.: In-situ investigation of phase transformations during heating of AlCoCrCuNi high entropy melt-spun ribbons. Materials Characterization 148, pp. 134 - 141 (2019)
Journal Article
Rogal, L.; Bobrowski, P.; Körmann, F.; Divinski, S. V.; Stein, F.; Grabowski, B.: Computationally-driven engineering of sublattice ordering in a hexagonal AlHfScTiZr high entropy alloy. Scientific Reports 7, 2209 (2017)
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