Publications of Andrei V. Ruban

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Journal Article
Kostiuchenko, T.; Ruban, A. V.; Neugebauer, J.; Shapeev, A.; Körmann, F.: Short-range order in face-centered cubic VCoNi alloys. Physical Review Materials 4, 113802 (2020)
Journal Article
Zhu, L.-F.; Körmann, F.; Ruban, A. V.; Neugebauer, J.; Grabowski, B.: Performance of the standard exchange-correlation functionals in predicting melting properties fully from first principles: Application to Al and magnetic Ni. Physical Review B 101 (14), 144108 (2020)
Journal Article
Zhang, X.; Grabowski, B.; Körmann, F.; Ruban, A. V.; Gong, Y.; Reed, R. C.; Hickel, T.; Neugebauer, J.: Temperature dependence of the stacking-fault Gibbs energy for Al, Cu, and Ni. Physical Review B 98, 224106 (2018)
Journal Article
Bleskov, I.; Hickel, T.; Neugebauer, J.; Ruban, A. V.: Impact of local magnetism on stacking fault energies: A first-principles investigation for fcc iron. Physical Review B 93 (21), 214115 (2016)
Journal Article
Ruban, A. V.; Razumovskiy, V. I.; Körmann, F.: Erratum: Spin-wave method for the total energy of paramagnetic state (Phys. Rev. B (2012) 85 (174407)). Physical Review B 89 (17), 179901 (2014)
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