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Journal Article
Hohenwarter, A.; Völker, B.; Kapp, M. W.; Li, Y.; Goto, S.; Raabe, D.; Pippan, R.: Ultra-strong and damage tolerant metallic bulk materials: A lesson from nanostructured pearlitic steel wires. Scientific Reports 6, 33228 (2016)
Journal Article
Kapp, M. W.; Kapp, M. W.; Kirchlechner, C.; Pippan, R.; Dehm, G.: Importance of dislocations pile-ups on the mechanical properties and the Bauschinger effect in micro cantilevers. Journal of Materials Research 30 (6), pp. 791 - 797 (2015)
Journal Article
Kirchlechner, C.; Grosinger, W.; Kapp, M. W.; Imrich, P. J.; Micha, J.-S.; Ulrich, O.; Kečkéš, J.; Dehm, G.; Motz, C.: Investigation of reversible plasticity in a micron-sized, single crystalline copper bending beam by X-ray μLaue diffraction. Philosophical Magazine 92 (25-27), pp. 3231 - 3242 (2012)
Journal Article
Kirchlechner, C.; Kečkéš, J.; Motz, C.; Grosinger, W.; Kapp, M. W.; Micha, J.-S.; Ulrich, O.; Dehm, G.: Impact of instrumental constraints and imperfections on the dislocation structure in micron-sized Cu compression pillars. Acta Materialia 59 (14), pp. 5618 - 5626 (2011)

Talk (1)

Kirchlechner, C.; Motz, C.; Kapp, M. W.; Dehm, G.: Reversible dislocation motion in micron sized bending beams during monotone and cyclic loading. PLASTICITY 2014, Free Port, Bahamas (2014)

Other (1)

Kirchlechner, C.; Imrich, P. J.; Grosinger, W.; Kapp, M. W.; Kečkéš, J.; Micha, J.-S.; Ulrich, O.; Thomas, O.; Labat, S.; Motz, C. et al.; Dehm, G.: Expected and unexpected plastic behavior at the micron scale: An in situ µLaue tensile study, Acta Materialia 60, pp. 1252 - 1258 (2012)
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