Publications of Martin Heilmaier

Talk (20)

Paninski, M.; Drevermann, A.; Schmitz, G. J.; Palm, M.; Stein, F.; Heilmaier, M.; Engberding, N.; Saage, H.; Sturm, D.: Casting and properties of Al-rich Ti–Al alloys. 11th World Conference on Titanium, Ti-2007, Kyoto, Japan (2007)

Poster (3)

Li, X.; Bottler, F.; Spatschek, R. P.; Scherf, A.; Heilmaier, M.; Stein, F.: Novel Lamellar in situ Composite Materials in the Al-Rich Part of the Fe-Al System. Int. Conf. The Materials Chain: From Discovery to Production, University Bochum, Bochum, Germany (2016)
Sturm, D.; Heilmaier, M.; Saage, H.; Schmitz, G. J.; Drevermann, A.; Paninski, M.; Stein, F.; Palm, M.; Engberding, N.; Kelm, K. et al.; Irsen, S. H.: High temperature Creep Behaviour of Al-rich TiAl Alloys. ICSMA 15, 15th International Conference on the Strength of Materials, Dresden, Germany (2009)
Engberding, N.; Palm, M.; Stein, F.; Heilmaier, M.; Saage, H.; Sturm, D.; Schmitz, G. J.; Aguilar, J. L.; Drevermann, A.; Kelm, K. et al.; Irsen, S. H.: Transformation kinetics of h-Al2Ti to r-Al2Ti and dissolution of Al5Ti3. Materials Science and Engineering MSE 2008, Nuremberg, Germany (2008)
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