Main Focus

  • point defects in semiconductor and insulators
  • density functional theory code development (SPHInX)
  • machine learning algorithms in material science
  • simulations of highly charged surfaces (field evaporation, field ion microscopy)

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience
  • 2012      - now    Head of IT of the CM department at MPI Düsseldorf
  • 09/2007 - now    Head of group “Defect chemistry and spectroscopy” at MPI Düsseldorf
  • 03/2007 - now    Max-­Planck­-Institut für Eisenforschung, Düsseldorf
  • 12/2002­-02/2007 Fritz­-Haber­-Institut der Max­-Planck­-Gesellschaft, Berlin
  • 05/2007             PhD (Physics) from Free University, Berlin
  • 2003­-2007          Fellow of International Max Planck Research School “Complex Surfaces in Materials Science”
  • 11/2002              Diploma in Chemistry from Leipzig University
  • 10/2001-­11/2002 Studies of Chemistry at Leipzig University
  • 08/2000-06/2001 Research student at Uppsala University (Sweden)
  • 10/1997-07/2000 Studies of Chemistry at Leipzig University
  • 06/1996              Graduation from Karls-­Gymnasium, Stuttgart
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