Collaborative efforts of research and industry in advancing hydrogen barrier coatings

Project start

March 28, 2024

Successful integration of hydrogen barrier coatings is key to limit hydrogen embrittlement of components and foster the transition towards a hydrogen-powered economy. MPIE recently started a collaborative research project on the development of innovative Hydrogen Embrittlement Protection Coating (HEPCO). This is a joint initiative between the institute, NTTF Coatings, Cambridge Nanolitic Ltd.  and Cranfield University (UK).

HEPCO aims to address the critical aspects of hydrogen permeation and embrittlement by developing novel strategies for coating and characterizing hydrogen permeation barrier (HPB) layers on metals. The first in-person spring meet just took place in MPIE recently. The meeting involved engaging discussions of the key objectives and strategies to maximize performance, effectiveness and efficiency of HPB coatings by using an innovative technique combining electro-chemical oxidation technology, which forms nanoceramic layers of coating, with a novel vacuum coating technique. Further milestones were set to understand the behaviour of the novel HPB coatings and underlying metal against hydrogen permeation and embrittlement through high-end mechanical and microstructural characterization.

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