Welcome to the Scientific Advisory Board Meeting 2022

28 - 30 March 2022, virtual

Our scientists had the chance to participate at an inhouse science video competition. The five winners took part at a storytelling and camera training and were then filmed by a professional film team. Each scientist acted as a science communicator for the MPIE and presented one of the MPIE’s key research topics, which was not necessarily related to their own research.
The videos will be uploaded on our website and social media channels as soon as related papers are published.

We hope you like the videos.

Catalysts for green energy

Raquel Aymerich Armengol, PhD student in the group “Nanoanalytics and Interfaces”, explains her work on catalysts, which act as producers of green hydrogen.

Green steel

Ayman El-Zoka, postdoctoral researcher in our “Atom Probe Tomography” group, explains how to reduce iron ore with hydrogen to cut CO2 emissions and which challenges researchers face.

Hydrogen embrittlement

Rasa Changizi, PhD student in the group “Nanoanalytics and Interfaces”, explains the phenomenon of hydrogen embrittlement and two possible ways of preventing materials’ failure.

Robot microscopy

Reza Hosseinabadi, PhD student in the group “Nano- and Micromechanics of Materials”, presents our work on robot microscopy showing why it is important to automize sample preparation and analysis.

Digitalization in materials science

Eslam Ibrahim, formerly master student in the group “Electrochemistry and Corrosion”, explains why digital processes and machine learning are needed in materials science and what the inhouse-developed simulation environment pyiron offers in terms of the interpretation of experimental and simulation data.
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