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Mechanics Meets Energy 2020

The eights edition of the Mechanics Meets Energy symposium took place at the Ludwig Windthorst Haus (LWH)/Lingen. From January 13th – 17th 2020, i.e. just short of the shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we spent another busy week with 56 presentations, again including three by internationally renowned guests. The occasion also marked the farewell of our group leaders Christoph, Steffen, and Matteo and the welcome of Jazmin and James. In addition, we made a trip to the famous Mayer wharf in Papenburg, marvelling the macro-mechanics of cruise shipbuilding. Thanks once more to the organising skills of Carola & Steffen and the superb facilities at the LWH, we spent another enjoying and enlightening symposium.

Program 13th -17th of January 2020, Ludwig Windthorst Haus, Lingen

Monday, 13th January  

Gerhard Dehm, Christina Scheu Opening SN & NG RETREAT - Mechanics meets Energy VIII

Session Chair Niko Peter

Frank Stein Intermetallics and phase diagrams
Zahra Kahrobaee ADVANCE – Improving the CALPHAD data base for TiAl-based alloys
Benedikt Distl A to Ω - Phase transformations in the Ti-Al-Nb system
Leon Christiansen+Gerhard Dehm How to name samples: The SN procedure!
Maya Kini Thermal stability and thermomechanical behaviour of CrFeCoNi alloy thin films/Sluggish grain growth in CrFeCoNi alloy thin films/Orientation relationships on c-sapphire
Session Chair Hanna Bichara Nanoanalytic and Interfaces
Joohyun Lim Structural changes of 2D FexMn1-xO2 nanosheets for carbon nanotube growth at low-temperature
Raquel A. Armengol Understanding the growth of Fe:MnOx nanostructures
Anna Frank Hybrid battery materials - investigations on MoOx/MoS2 in three dimensions
Rajib Sahu Study of phase impurity, 2D and 3D defects in orthorhombic MoAlB MAB phase
Dominique Chatain1 Atomic structure & macroscopic orientation relationships of Ag/Ni interfaces
Viswanad G. Arigela (PhD talk) Development and application of a high-temperature micromechanics stage with a novel temperature measurement approach
Thuesday, 14th January

Session Chair Anna Frank

Advanced TEM
Christian Liebscher Advanced transmission electron microscopy
Nicolas Peter Structure, chemistry and deformation behavior of a Cu tilt grain boundary
Ali Ahmadian (S)TEM investigation of Σ5 [001] grain boundary in Fe-2wt% Al
Saba Ahmed Observing the atomic structure of [111] tilt grain boundaries in Al
Session Chair Rajib Sahu
Advanced TEM
Vivek Devulapalli Epitaxial growth of Ti thin films
Subin Lee Atomic structure of Σ19 tilt grain boundary of FeNiCrCo alloy
Lena Frommeyer Connecting grain boundary phase transitions to material properties
Session Chair Wenzhen Xia
Hydrogen Mechanics & Interfaces
Jazmin Duarte Hydrogen mechanics & interfaces group
Jing Rao Hydrogen effects on the mechanical response of bcc Fe-Cr alloys by in-situ nano indentation
Silas Wolff-Goodrich Microstructure optimization for balanced ductility and creep resistance in AlCrFeNiTi alloys
Wenqi Guo Mechanical behavior and deformation mechanism of refractory high entropy alloys
Session Chair Subin Lee
Advanced TEM
Wenjun Lu Exploration of phase transformation pathways in high entropy alloys by atomic resolution and in situ STEM
Jiwon Jeong Advances in automatic orientation mapping in SEM and TEM
Niels Cautaerts The link between nuclear steels and TEM metadata
Paul Wynblatt2 Interfacial segregation in HEA: atomistic simulations vs. simple analytical bond models

Wednesday, 15th January


Session Chair Jiwon Jeong
Steffen Brinckmann3 Data in tribology
Wenzhen Xia From indentation to wear: plasticity in FCC metals
Piyush Patil Texture evolution during nanotribology in FCC metals
Hanna Tsybenko Deformation and chemical evolution during tribology in cementite
Session Chair Wenjun Lu
Nanoanalytic and Interfaces
Rasa Changizi Charcterization of KCa2Nb3O10 and PrNbO4
Ruben Bueno Villoro Microstructure characterization and thermal properties of Half-Heusler phases
Hari Gopalan Small scale fracture in a multi metal (HfNbTaZr)C carbide
Team Building Project Visit of the Mayer ship building company, Papenburg
Sharvan Kumar4 Deformation of magnesium single crystal
Thursday, 16th January

Session Chair  Hari Gopalan
 Thin Films & Nanostructured Materials
Matteo Ghidelli Thin films & nanostructured materials @ MPIE: recent advancements and updates
Andrea Brognara Synthesis and mechanical properties of ZrCu thin film metallic glasses
Farnaz Farzam Dewetting phenomena of binary alloy thin films
Hanna Bishara Coupling structural and electrical properties of defects in crystalline materials
Session Chair  Jazmin Duarte
Atomistic Medelling
Tobias Brink Atomistic modelling of the mechanics of materials
Nano-/ Micromechanics
Christoph Kirchlechner Micromechanics @ MPIE
Chunhua Tian Fracture toughness of martensite island in dual phase steel
Session Chair  Maya Kini
Nano-/ Micromechanics
Eloho Okotete Interface fracture toughness of material systems: the beginning
Reza Hosseinabadi Size effect in bi-crystalline Cu micropillars with a coherent twin boundary
Juan Li TBs act as dislocation source for the plasticity
Robin Jentner Characterization of the micromechanical behavior of advanced high-strength bainitic steel
Session Chair Wenqi Guo
Nano-/ Micromechanics
Jean-Baptiste Molin Advances in 3D Laue microdiffraction: Are we able to do this in situ?
Nanoanalytic and Interfaces
Michael Obermaier Examples of method development for degradation analysis of automotive PEMFCS
Björn Hill + Torsten Schwarz PAULL - what can we do to improve the lifetime of polymer based fuel cells/ PAULL - Project for the activation of ultra-long lifetimes
Thomas Gänsler Photoactive Nb3O7(OH): Synthesis conditions and their morphologies
Friday, 17th January

Session Chair Niels Cautaerts


Martin Palm Iron aluminides
Angelika Gedsun Development of Fe-Al-Nb(-B) alloys for structural applications at high-temperatures
Zhengbing Xu Purification and microstructure refinement of Al melts/Solidification of Al-rich Fe-Al
James Best Micro- and nanomechanical probing of multi-phase/component materials systems
Session Chair Joohyun Lim
Nanoanalytic and Interfaces
Jakub Nowak Corrosion studies in Mg-based alloys - electrochemical measurement investigations
Spark Siyuan Zhang Stability of BiVO4 photo-electrodes
Alba Garzón Manjón Transition-metal based nanoparticles for energy applications
Gerhard Dehm Closing remarks

1Aix-Marseille Univ, CNRS, CINaM, 2Carnegie Mellon, 3 IEK-2, FZ Jülich

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