Mechanics Meets Energy 2019

Mechanics Meets Energy 2019

The already seventh Mechanics Meets Energy symposium from January 21st – 25th 2019 brought us to the Dünenhof near Cuxhaven at the shore of the North Sea, again perfectly organised by Carola & Steffen. The program consisted of 53 presentations, including three by internationally renowned guest speakers. The number of talks – several shared by two presenters – and the number of participants reflects the prosperity of the SN department and the NG group. Notwithstanding the packed program, we managed to enjoy the frozen beach, German bowling and lots of fish.

Program 21st -25th of January 2019, Dünenhof near Cuxhaven / North Sea

Monday, 21st January  

Gerhard Dehm, Christina Scheu Opening SN & NG RETREAT - Mechanics meets Energy VII

Session Chair Alba Garzón-Manjón

Thin Films
Matteo Ghidelli Novel thin film metallic glasses with unique mechanical properties
Hanna Bishara Electrical properties of strained materials and defects
Nanoanalytic and Interfaces
Stefan Hieke (Passivated) Al thin films: applications and challenges
Rajib Sahu Atomic level study and in situ TEM on MAX (Cr2AlC) and MAB (MoAlB) phase materials
Session Chair Jazmin Duarte
Advanced TEM
Christian Liebscher Advanced transmission electron microscopy
Nicolas Peter Cu, Ag grain boundaries: a tragedy or comedy?
Thorsten Meiners Atomistic insights into microstructure stabilization mechanisms of nano- crystalline Copper
Sharvan Kumar1 Cyclic deformation behavior of NiTi for medical devices
Thuesday, 22nd January

Session Chair Xufei Fang

Nano-/ Micromechanics
Christoph Kirchlechner Micromechanics @ MPIE
Hariprasad Gopalan Designing for improved fracture properties in hard coatings based on Mo2BC
Ashish Saxena Kumar Realiability of μ-scale elastoplastic fracture mechanical testing
Chaowei Du Electroless plated Ni-P: microstructure and mechanical properties
Session Chair Maya K. Kini
Nano-/ Micromechanics
Viswanadh Gowtham Arigela Development and applications of a high temperature nano-/micro mechanics device with a novel temperature measurement approach
Tobias Oeller2 Combinatorial approach to tailor electrical and mechanical properties of alloyed thin film structures
Session Chair Anna Frank
Steffen Brinckmann Tribolayer formation during macro- & microscale cyclic contact
Wenzhen Xia Fracture initiation in FCC and BCC metals during tribology
Piyush Patil Texture evolution during nanotribology in FCC metals
Farnaz Farzam Microstructure evolution of FCC metals due to friction
Hanna Tsybenko Finite element simulations of gas turbine blades A comparative analysis of Ni- and Mo-based alloys
Session Chair Rajib Sahu
Martin Palm Development of intermetallic materials
Benedikt Distl/Zahra Kahrobaee ADVANCE Project
Frank Stein Experimental investigations of phase relations in the Co-rich part of the Co-Ti system
Wei Luo Mechanical properties of the cubic and hexagonal NbCo2 Laves phases studied by micromechanical testing

Wednesday, 23rd January


Session Chair Stefan Hieke
Self-reporting materials
Bernhard Völker A year has past
Simon Evertz3 Design of thin film metallic glasses with superior fracture toughness
Session Chair Hanna Bishara
Advanced TEM
Vivek Devulapalli/Saba Ahmad Study of grain boundaries of Ti / Tailoring grain boundary phase transformation in Al
Ali Ahmadian (S)TEM Investigation of Σ5 grain boundary in bcc Fe-2wt%Al
Subin Lee Dislocation plasticity-induced  structure change in Cu grain boundary
Team Building Project
Paul Wynblatt4  & Dominique Chatain5 Interfacial segregation in high entropy alloys
Dominique Chatain5 Thin films of high entropy alloys on c-sapphire
Thursday, 24th January

Session Chair Wenzhen Xia
Nano-/ Micromechanics
Reza Hosseinabadi Dislocation interaction with coherent twin boundary in Cu at micro scale
Maya K. Kini Influence of microstructural constraints on slip transfer in nanotwinned Ag
Juan Li Dislocation behavior in Sxx and at TB by nanoindentation
Session Chair  Ashish Kumar
Xufei Fang Deuterium exposure on the dislocation behavior in tungsten: a possible path to understand hydrogen embrittlement
Jazmin Duarte In-situ nanoindentation of hydrogen charged alloys. The arduous path traced until now
Jing Rao Hydrogen-microstructure interactions in ferritic alloys at small scale
Session Chair Xiaoxing Wu
Nanoanalytic and Interfaces
Michael Obermaier Degradation analysis of automotive PEMFC
Alba Garzón-Manjón Pathways for fabrication of transition-metal based nanoparticles for energy applications
Anna Frank CarMON - Carbon metal oxide nanohybrid materials
Rasa Changizi Cathodoluminescence study of Lanthanide-doped oxides
Session Chair Hariprasad Gopalan
Advanced TEM
Jiwon Jeong Deformation mechanisms and mechanical properties of Si single crystals under tribological loading
Wenjun Lu The role of incoherent twin boundary on phase transformation and precipitation in high-entropy alloys
Silas Wolff-Goodrich Development of precipitation strengthened CCAs in the AlCrFeNiTi system for high temperature structural applications
Larissa Gouvéa Development of refractory high-entropy alloys
Friday, 25th January

Session Chair Subin Lee

Nanoanalyric and Interfaces

Joohyun Lim Degradation of copper hexacyanoferrate (CuHCF) Zn ion battery electrode with CuOx precipitate
Raquel Aymerich Armengol/Ruben Bueno Villoro Chemical synthesis of TiO2 nanowires as support for electrochemical catalysts /
Effect of processing route on the microstructure of Ag18Sb29Te53 (AST) based thermoelectrics
Lamya Abdellaoui AgSbTe2 & PbTe based thermoelectric materials: correlation of thermal conductiviy to their microstructure
Spark Zhang Corrosion of photo-electrodes
Session Chair Spark Zhang
Nano-/ Micromechanics
Chunhua Tian Micromechanical properties of ferrite and martensite in dual phase steel
Jean-Baptiste Molin Fatigue : 3D µLaue experiments
Gerhard Dehm, Christina Scheu Closing remarks

1 Brown University, 2 RUB/MPIE, 3 RWTH Aachen, 4 Carnegie Mellon University, 5 CNRS CINaM

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