Mechanics Meets Energy 2018

Mechanics Meets Energy 2018

The sixth Mechanics Meets Energy symposium took place at Kloster Steinfeld/Eifel from January 29th – February 2nd 2018. Within the five days, 45 presentations were given including four by guest speakers. On Wednesday afternoon we made a trip to our sister institute MPI for Radio Astronomy to visit their radio telescope at Effelsberg.


Program 29th of January -2nd of February 2018, Cloister Steinfeld

Monday, 29th January  

Gerhard Dehm, Christina Scheu Introduction

Session Chair Rafael Soler

Advanced TEM
Christian Liebscher N.N.
Subin Lee Dislocation plasticity in single crystal  FeCrCoMnNi HEA by in-situ TEM deformation
Janez Zavašnik Growing epitaxial TFs for in-situ TEM
Darja Jenko Insitu heating of Au and Fe/Au nanoparticles in TE
Session Chair Maya Kini Nanoanalytic and Interfaces
Stefan Hieke Effect of pinning during solid state dewetting of Al thin films on (0001) α-Al2O3
Anna Frank Synthesis and Characterization of CuInS2
Alba Garzón-Manjón Observation of the structural transformation of high entropy alloy nanoparticles by in-situ transmission electron microscopy
Katharina Hengge Degradation analysis of high-temperature polymer-electrolyte-membrane fuel cells
Thuesday, 30th January

Session Chair Subin Lee

Nano-/ Micromechanics
Christoph Kirchlechner Micromechanics @ MPIE
Nataliya Malyar A fairy tale about grain boundaries @ the micron scale….….studied in SN ®
Juan Li Continuing story of dislocations and pop-in
Session Chair Janez Zavašnik
  Steffen Brinckmann
Mechanics to synthesize energy saving thin-films
Wenzhen Xia Introduction of PhD project and plan of current project
Caroline Fink Small scale tribology on pearlitic steel
Session Chair Moo-Young Seok

Nano-/ Micromechanics

 Advanced TEM

Rafael Soler Shear delamination strength: Shear experiments at microscale
Torsten Meiners Direct observation of novel structures and transitions in [111] tilt grain boundaries
Ali Ahmadian TEM investigation of grain boundary structures in α-Fe
Nicolas Peter News from the Cu tilt grain boundary
Christopher M. Laursen1 Factors influencing the short and long term recovery of the indentation induced two-way shape memory effect in NiTi
Session Chair Alba Garzón-Manjón

Self-Healing Materials

Nano-/ Micromechanics

Jan-Ole Achenbach2 Investigation on nanolaminated orthorombic material systems
Bernhard Völker From bulk material to thin films
Tobias Oellers3 Combinatorial approach to tailor electrical and mechanical properties of alloyed thin film structures

Wednesday, 31st January


Session Chair Xufei Fang
Nano-/ Micromechanics
Maya Kini Deformation of nanotwinned Ag / CrFeCoNi equiatomic alloy thin films on Si and sapphire
Moo-Young Seok Origin of <c+a> pyramidal slip on Mg alloys
Ram Balijepalli Develop a smart material which can switch its strength
Session Chair Jian Peng
Nanoanalytic and Interfaces
Thomas Gänsler/ Rasa Changizi Synthesis and 3D morphology of Niobium oxides and hydroxides/Study of the atomic spectra of lanthanides doped into semiconducting oxides
Siyuan Zhang (Spark) Catalysts –  studying their nanoscale structural formation
Joohyun Lim (Jay) 3D structure and phase-transformation of hollow solid-solution metal oxide nanoparticle
Team Building Project
Visit of the radio telescope; Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie
Thursday, 1st February

Session ChairBernhard Völker
Jazmin Duarte Hydrogen …what are we doing about it?
Xufei Fang Hydrogen embrittlement of Tungsten due to Deuterium plasma exposure: insights from nanoindentation
Jing Rao/ Piyush Patil Hydrogen-microstructure interactions in ferritic alloys at small scale/Dielectric insulating barriers in strong electric fields
Session Chair  Wenqi Guo
Nano-/ Micromechanics
Viswanadh Gowtham Arigela Setup of a microscale high temperature loading rig for micro-fracture mechanics
Chaowei Du Fracture toughness of intermetallic compounds in Au-Sn based soldering materials
Ashish Kumar Saxena Developing strategies for elasto-plastic in-situ fracture mechanics
Session Chair Nataliya Malyar
Advanced TEM
Xiaoxing Wu N.N.
AndrejaŠestan W-W2C composite for plasma-facing applications
Silas Wolff-Goodrich Early stage development of precipitation strengthened CCAs in the AlCrFeNiTi system for high temperature structural applications
Wenjun Lu 1. Intrinsic hierarchical nanolaaminated structure in a dual-phase high entropy alloy
2. TEM investigations of hydrides (deuterides) in Zircolay-4
Session Chair Wenzhen Xia


Nano-/ Micromechanics

Martin Palm EDS and WDS – Capabilities and Problems
Jian Peng Influence of Al content and pre-oxidation  on the corrosion resistance of binary Fe-Al alloys in H2SO4
Wei Luo Composition dependence of hardness and strength of cubic and hexagonal NbCo2 Laves phases
Wenqi Guo Micro-plasticity of non-equimolar FeNiCoCrMn high entropy alloy
Friday, 2nd February

Session Chair Andreja Šestan

Nano-/ Micromechanics

Nanoanalyric and Interfaces

Chunhua Tian Microscale investigation of ferrite and martensite plasticity in dual phase steel DP800
Lamya Abdellaoui Influence of microstructure of Ag16.7Sb30Te53.3 bulk thermoelectric on their performance
Dominique Chatain4 Keynote Lecture
Session Chair Ram Balijepalli
Gerhard Dehm, Christina Scheu Closing remarks

1 University Wyoming, 2 RWTH Aachen, 3 RUB/MPIE, 4 CNRS CINaM

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