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Mechanics Meets Energy 2013

The Mechanics Meets Energy series of symposia started in 2013, when the group of  Prof. Christina Scheu from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) joined Prof. Gerhard Dehm´s department for a two-day meeting on May 15th and 16th. The meeting was organised as a summer retreat at MPIE Düsseldorf. Besides scientific presentations, it comprised a comprehensive lab tour at MPIE.

Program 15th -16th of May 2013, Düsseldorf, MPIE

Wednesday, 15th May    

Gerhard Dehm (MPIE), Christina Scheu (LMU) Introduction

Session Chair Tristan Harzer

Christoph Kirchlechner (MPIE) In situ micromechanics @ MPIE
Bastian Philippi (MPIE) Micromechanical investigation of solder joints in microelectronics
Session Chairs Andreas Wisnet, Sriram Venkatesan Fuel cells & Biomaterials
Christoph Heinzl, Stephan Gleich, Katharina Hengge (LMU) Improving energy conversion efficiencies - HTPEM fuel cells in the spotlight of electron microscopy
Stefan Hieke (LMU) Investigation of ESC 10 cells
Ramona Hoffmann (LMU) Electron microscopy studies of Emiliana huxleyi coccolith plates

Thursday, 16th May

Session Chair Alexander Müller Synthesis & Fabrication
Teresa Dennenwaldt (LMU) Silica- and silica-based nanotubes: synthesis and applications
Lucia Sencekova (MPIE) Alloys design of Fe-Al alloys for ALM
Xiaolin Li (MPIE) Investigation of Fe-Al in situ composites with fine lamellar eutectoid microstructure
Session Chair Christoph Heinzl Synthesis & Fabrication
Angela Wochnik, Anna Frank (LMU) CuInS2 – synthesis, characterization and application
Sophia Betzler, Alena Folger (LMU) More than just beautiful – metal oxides at the nanos
Session Chairs Theresa Dennenwaldt, Ramona Hoffmann Microscopy
Tristan Harzer (MPIE) Cu-Cr bilayer films and co-evaporated Cu-Cr composite structures synthesized via molecular beam epitaxy
Sriram Venkatesan (LMU) Structure, Chemistry and Interface of Epitaxial Systems
Alexander Müller (LMU) Transmission electron microscopy insights into photo-electrochemical water splitting – active hematite nanostructures
Andreas Wisnet (LMU) A reconstruction spree – common problems of tomography
Session Chair Bastian Philippi X-ray & Simulation
Soundes Djaziri (MPIE) X-ray diffraction analysis: structure of ferrite in cold-drawn pearlitic steel
Vera Marx (MPIE) The mechanical and adhesion behavior of a Cu/Cr film system on polyimide substrate
Jong Bae (MPIE) Multiscale modeling on strength of single crystalline body-centered cubic iron
Gerhard Dehm (MPIE), Christina Scheu (LMU) Closing remarks

Presentations from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) are invited talks. 

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