Mechanics Meets Energy 2015

The third Mechanics Meets Energy symposium was held at castle Ebernburg above the valley of the river Nahe from March 23rd-26th 2015. Besides presentations from the SN department and the NG group we had two invited talks by Dr. Dominique Chatain (CNRS au Centre interdisciplinaire de nanoscience de (CINaM), Marseille, France) and Dr. Christian Liebscher (Universität Duisburg-Essen). In addition to the individual presentations, one afternoon was devoted to Group Work, where teams of 6-7 participants had to tackle general questions relevant to materials. The results of the Group Work were then presented in the evening session.

Program 23rd -26th of March 2015, Ebernburg Castle

Monday, 23rd March  

Gerhard Dehm (MPIE), Christina Scheu (LMU) Opening remarks
Session Chair Rejin Raghavan Intermetallics
Martin Palm Phase diagram based alloy development - Strengthening of Fe-Al based alloys at high temperatures
Agnieszka Szczepaniak Additive layer manufacturing (ALM) of iron aluminide alloys: Selective laser melting of Fe-Al-Mo alloys
Alena Michalcova, Saeid Lotfian Microstructure of Fe-Al-Ti(-B) alloys  prepared by ALM/ Microstructural evolution of  Fe-Al-Ta alloys
Shahbaz Ahmed Azmi  Boron stimulated precipitation of Laves phase in Fe-Al-Nb system
Session Chair Jazmin Duarte Nanoanalytic and Interfaces
Alexander Müller An introduction to TEM and the case study of gold nanoparticles on titania
Angela Wochnik1 EDS analysis – new instrumentation and quantification routines
Advanced Characterisation
Tristan Harzer Atomic scale investigation of metastable Cu-Cr thin film alloys
Stephan Gleich Introduction to electrochemistry and its various fields of application
Sesion Chair Christoph Kirchlechner
Christian Liebscher2 Invited presentation
Thuesday, 24th March

Session Chair Angela Wochnik Intermetallics
Frank Stein Diffusion couples
Xiaolin Li Investigation of Al-rich Fe-Al intermetallic alloys
Wei Luo Composition dependence of mechanical properties of intermetallic phases
Session Chair Sriram Venkatesan Nano-/Micromechanics
Christoph Kirchlechner Micromechanics @ MPIE: Where we are, and where we go….
Nataliya Malyar Dislocation-GB interaction studied by in situ SEM and µLaue compression tests
Anton Davydok, Bastian Philippi Study of grain-boudary-dislocation interactions by advanced in-situ mLaue diffraction/ Tin under pressure
Shunsuke Taniguch3, Nicholas Peter  Precipitation hardened steel
Session Chair Steffen Brinckmann Presentations of the Group Work
Wednesday, 25th March

Session Chair Soundes Djaziri Nanotribology
Steffen Brinckmann Tribology and nano tribology
Jazmin Duarte Nanoindentation and nanotribology under environmental conditions: First insights and experimental challenges

Caroline Fink

Nanotribology on pearlite
Session Chair Saeid Lotfian Nanoanalytic and Interfaces
Alena Folger Hybrid perovskite solar cells
Anna Frank On the way to CuInS2  solar cells
Christian Ecke4 High temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Katharina Hengge High temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells application: Working principle – construction
Sesion Chair Nagamani Jaya Balila  
Dominique Chatain5 Invited presentation
Thursday, 26th March

Session Chair Anton Davydok Synthesis
Rejin Raghavan Transition from shear to stress-assisted diffusion of copper–chromium nanolayered thin films at elevated temperatures
Tobias Oellers6 Combinatorial approach to tailor electrical and mechanical properties of alloyed thin film structures
Advanced Characterisation
Sriram Venkatesan Structure and chemistry of semiconductor failure analysis
Session Chair Alena Michalcova Nano-/Micromechanics
Nagamani Jaya Balila Towards understanding of fracture behavior of materials at micron-length scales
Vera Marx    Cobalt films on polyimide –  Part II: Mechanical behavior
Soundes Djaziri Supersaturated ferrite in severely cold-drawn pearlitic steel
Session Chair Rafael Soler Nanoanalytic and Interfaces
Rachel Zucker Theory of capillary effects on crystalline solids
Stefan Hieke Solid state dewetting phenomena of epitaxial Al thin films on sapphire (α-Al2O3)
Gerhard Dehm, Christina Scheu Closing remarks

1Oxford Instruments, Wiesbaden 2Senior Scientist at University Duisburg-Essen, 3MPIE/Nippon Steel, 4Airbus group Ottobrunn/Munich, 5Senior Scientist at CNRS au Centre interdisciplinaire de nanoscience de Marseille (CINaM), 6RUB/MPIE

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