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Mechanics Meets Energy 2017

For the little anniversary of the fifth Mechanics Meets Energy symposium, we went to the prestigious castle Ringberg from January 8th – 12th 2017. The symposium was enhanced by two topic days on Steels, Complexions & Dewetting and Hard Coatings & Fracture. A number of renowned international researcher gave keynote lectures on these topics:

Prof. Wayne D. Kaplan, 6Technion, Haifa, Israel

Dr. Dominique Chatain, 5CNRS CINaM, Marseille, France

Prof. Robert Spatschek, 10FZ-Jülich

Dr. Rebecca Janisch, 8Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Prof. Paul Mayrhofer, 7TU Vienna, Austria

Prof. Bettina Lotsch, 2MPI-FKF Stuttgart

Dr. Sherri Hadian and Dr. Tilmann Hickel, 4,9CM Dept. MPIE Düsseldorf

Program 9th -12th of January 2017, Ringberg Castle

Monday, 9th January  

Gerhard Dehm, Christina Scheu Opening remarks

Session Chair Martin Palm

Gerhard Dehm, Christina Scheu Resolving the interplay of microstructure and mechanical properties: From atoms towards bulk
Caroline Fink, Farnaz Farzam Tribology induced microstrucutre evolution of pearlitic steel/ Tribology of fcc metals
Meritxell Ruiz-Andrés Phase transformation in steel during microscale wear
Session Chair Rafael Soler Nanotribology
Jazmin Duarte Hydrogen-microstructure interactions in iron-based alloys at small scales: From amorphous, via nanocrystals, to polycrystals
Xufei Fang Hydrogen embrittlement of tungsten: Micro fracture experiment and nanoindentation
Steffen Brinckmann Solving mechanics problems by the nite element method (FEM)
Session Chair Shunsuke Taniguchi
Nanoanalytic and Interfaces
Alba Garzón Manjón Synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles for superconducting nanocomposites
Lamya Abdellaoui Role of nanostructuring in silver antimony telluride compounds for thermoelectric applications
Anna Frank A biomolecule-assisted, cost-efficient route for growing CuInS2 film for green energy application
Session Chair Xufei Fang Nano-/ Micromechanics
Christoph Kirchlechner   Life does not fail linear elastic! Why Christoph does not want to do pentagonal shaped cantilevers!
Juan Li Pop in & hardness by nanoindentation
Maya Kini, Ines Kirchlechner From Z(irconia) to A(g/Au)?/ Metallic glasses 2.0
Viswanadh Gowtham Arigela Setup of a microscale fracture apparatus to study the interface behaviour at high temperatures
Tobias Oellers1
Thuesday, 10th January

Session Chair Meritxell Ruiz-Andrés

Jian Peng, Martin Palm Additive manufacturing of iron aluminides: Microstructure and mechanical properties
Frank Stein Kinetics of a slow, solid-state phase transformation: The peritectoid decomposition of an intermetallic phase
Wei Luo Composition dependence of mechanical properties of NbCo2 Laves phases
Session Chair Alba Garzón Manjón Nanoanalytic and Interfaces
Alena Folger 
Voids out of nothing: Vacancy condensation in rutile TiO2 nanowires
Katharina Hengge Unraveling micro- and nanoscale processes during operation of high-temperature polymer-electrolyte-membrane fuel cells
Thomas Gänsler Studying fuel cell degradation in 3D
Participants Postersession

Wednesday, 11th January


Session Chair Frank Stein
Bettina Lotsch2 Keynote lecture
Siyuan Zhang (Spark), Rasa Changizi TEM and functional propert
Session Chair Steffen Brinckmann Steel
Shunsuke Taniguchi3 In situ TEM investigations to understand the dislocation precipitate interaction
Tillmann Hickel4 Keynote lecture Steel
Sesion Chair Christian Liebscher
Christian Liebscher Structure and chemistry of k-carbide/austenite interfaces
Wenjun Lu Room temperature redistribution of carbon in Fe-Ni-C martensite investigated by correlative TEM/APT
Dominique Chatain5 Keynote lecture Complexions & Dewetting
Stefan Hieke Solid state dewetting of epitaxial Al thin films on sapphire studied by electron microscopy
Wayne Kaplan6 Keynote lecture Complexions & Dewetting
Nicolas Peter Ag segregation,  nanofaceting & phase transformation of an asymmetric Cu grain boundary
Thursday, 12th January


Session Chair Siyuan Zhang (Spark)
Hard Coatings + Fracture
Paul Mayrhofer7 Keynote lecture Hard Coatings + Fracture
Stephan Gleich Mo2BC goes nano: Atomic structure of a hard coating
Session Chair  Jazmin Duarte
Hanna Fager
Rebecca Janisch8 Keynote lecture Hard Coatings + Fracture
Session Chair Hanna Fager
Rafael Soler Mechanical Characterization of Mo2BC coatings
Complexions & Dewetting
Nataliya Malyar Transmission properties of grain boundaries in copper at different size scales
Sherri Hadian9 Keynote lecture Complexions & Dewetting
Session Chair Maya Kini
Thorsten Meiners Grain boundary embrittlement in copper by sulphur
Robert Spatschek10 Keynote lecture Complexions & Dewetting
Komomo Tani Dislocation network dynamics
Gerhard Dehm, Christina Scheu Closing remarks

1RUB/MPIE, 3MPIE/Nippon Steel

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