Julian Rechmann wins Best Poster Award

Best Poster Award at the 16th International Conference on Organized Molecular Films in Helsinki, Finnland

August 09, 2016

Julian Rechmann, doctoral student in the group “Interface Spectroscopy” in the department “Interface Chemistry and Surface Engineering”, won one of three Best Poster Awards at the 16th International Conference on Organized Molecular Films. His poster showed the analysis of modified Au (111) surfaces with phenothiazine based self-assembled monolayers used as model systems to gain deeper insight on the how their electrochemical properties depend on the molecular structure.

The conference took place from 25th – 29th July in Helsinki, Finland. It is devoted to organized molecular films and nanostructures in general and gathers experts and junior scientists from different fields of natural sciences. The award includes a 300 euros grant from the Langmuir journal which focusses on fundamental research on materials in which the interface dominates reactivity and function.

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