First Poster Award about materials testing goes to Christian Broß

June 08, 2015

Christian Broß, apprentice at the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (MPIE) in the field of materials testing, won the First Poster Award for his poster about the study of new methods to analyse chromium-nickel steels at the conference “Mikpräp 2015” at the technical vocational school in Solingen (Germany).

Broß analysed the different phases of this alloy by scanning electron microscopy, nano indentation and metallography. The result is that the analysed chromium-nickel steel has no sigma phase which would make the steel brittle and hard. This steel has a high temperature stability and is especially relevant for the chemical, engineering and manufacturing industry.

The conference for microscopy and preparation “Mikpräp” is organised by the Society for Metallography Rhine Ruhr and the technical vocational school in Solingen. The aim is to bring together scientists, metallographers and technicians in the field of materials testing and materials science. The event comprises workshops as well as poster presentations and talks.

The MPIE offers five apprenticed professions: chemical laboratory assistant, industrial mechanic, IT specialist, material tester and technical software developer.

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