Conference Paper (2)

Conference Paper
Monceau, D.; Müller-Lorenz, E. M.; Grabke, H. J.: Metal dusting of stainless steels. In: HIGH TEMPERATURE CORROSION AND PROTECTION OF MATERIALS 4, PTS 1 AND 2, pp. 665 - 670 (Eds. Streiff, R.; Stringer, J.; Krutenat, R.; Caillet, M.; Rapp, R.). 4th International Symposium on High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials, Les Embiez, France, May 20, 1996 - May 24, 1996. (1997)
Conference Paper
Müller-Lorenz, E. M.; Grabke, H. J.; Eltester, B.; Lucas, M.: Effects of surface working on the formation of a protective oxide scale on 2-20%Cr steels. In: ECASIA 97: 7TH EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON APPLICATIONS OF SURFACE AND INTERFACE ANALYSIS, pp. 341 - 344 (Eds. Olefjord, I.; Nyborg, L.; Briggs, D.). 7th European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface Analysis (ECASIA 97), Gothenburg, Sweden, June 16, 1997 - June 20, 1997. (1997)
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