Publications of Zaoli Zhang

Talk (5)

Dehm, G.; Harzer, T. P.; Völker, B.; Imrich, P. J.; Zhang, Z.: Towards New Insights on Interface Controlled Materials by Advanced Electron Microscopy. Frontiers of Electron Microscopy in Materials Science Meeting (FEMMS 2015), Lake Tahoe, CA, USA (2015)
Dehm, G.; Kirchlechner, C.; Imrich, P. J.; Smolka, M.; Wimmer, A. C.; Yang, B.; Zhang, Z.: Plasticity and Fracture at Small Length Scales: From Single Crystals Towards Interfaces. Workshop on Mechanical Behaviour of Systems - 4, Coorg, Karnataka, India (2013)
Kiener, D.; Kirchlechner, C.; Zhang, Z.; Ulrich, O.; Micha, J.-S.; Dehm, G.: Plasticity of FIB fabricated micro-samples investigated by in-situ micro-Laue diffraction and in-situ TEM. 10th Multinational Congress on Microscopy (MCM 2011), Urbino, Italy (2011)
Rashkova, B.; Moser, G.; Felber, H.; Grosinger, W.; Zhang, Z.; Motz, C.; Dehm, G.: A Novel Preparation Route to Obtain Micro-Bending Beams for In-situ TEM Studies. 9th Multinational Microscopy Conference 2009, Institute for Electron Microscopy Graz University of Technology , Graz, Austria (2009)
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