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    Journal Article
    Gross, M.; Krüger, T.; Varnik, F.: Rheology of dense suspensions of elastic capsules: Normal stresses, yield stress, jamming and confinement effects. Soft Matter 10 (24), pp. 4360 - 4372 (2014)
  2. 2.
    Journal Article
    Krüger, T.; Gross, M.; Raabe, D.; Varnik, F.: Crossover from tumbling to tank-treading-like motion in dense simulated suspensions of red blood cells. Soft Matter 9 (37), pp. 9008 - 9015 (2013)
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    Journal Article
    Krüger, T.; Varnik, F.; Raabe, D.: Efficient and accurate simulations of deformable particles immersed in a fluid using a combined immersed boundary lattice Boltzmann finite element method. Computers & Mathematics with Applications 61 (12), pp. 3485 - 3505 (2011)
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    Journal Article
    Krüger, T.; Varnik, F.; Raabe, D.: Particle stress in suspensions of soft objects. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 369, pp. 2414 - 2421 (2011)
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    Journal Article
    Fallah, M.A.; Myles, V.M.; Krüger, T.; Sritharan, K.; Wixforth, A.; Varnik, F.; Schneider, S.W.; Schneider, M.F.: Acoustic driven flow and lattice Boltzmann simulations to study cell adhesion in biofunctionalized μ-fluidic channels with complex geometry. Biomicrofluidics 4 (2), 024106 (2010)
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    Journal Article
    Krüger, T.; Varnik, F.; Raabe, D.: Second-order convergence of the deviatoric stress tensor in the standard Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook lattice Boltzmann method. Physical Review E 82 (025701) (2010)
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    Journal Article
    Krüger, T.; Varnik, F.; Raabe, D.: Shear stress in lattice Boltzmann simulations. Physical Review E 79 (4), pp. 046704-1 - 046704-14 (2009)

Book (1)

  1. 8.
    Krüger, T.: Computer simulation study of collective phenomena in dense suspensions of red blood cells under shear. Springer Spektrum, Heidelberg (2012), 165 pp.

Book Chapter (1)

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    Book Chapter
    Schiffels, P.; Amkreutz, M.; Blumenau, A. T.; Krüger, T.; Schneider, B.; Frauenheim, T.; Hennemann, O.-D.: Modeling Fundamental Aspects of the Surface Chemistry of Oxides and their Interactions with Coupling Agents. In: Adhesion: Current Research and Applications, pp. 17 - 32 (Ed. Possart, W.). Wiley – VCH, Weinheim (2005)

Talk (15)

  1. 10.
    Krüger, T.: Unit conversion in LBM. LBM Workshop 2011, Edmonton, Canada (2011)
  2. 11.
    Krüger, T.: Introduction to the immersed boundary method. LBM Workshop 2011, Edmonton, Canada (2011)
  3. 12.
    Krüger, T.: Microscopic behavior of dense red blood cell suspensions in shear flow: A hybrid lattice Boltzmann finite element simulation study. Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics 2011, Fargo, ND, USA (2011)
  4. 13.
    Krüger, T.: Particle-resolved simulation of blood in simple shear flow: Shear-thinning behavior and its microscopic origin(s). Institut für Festkörperforschung, FZ Jülich, Jülich, Germany (2011)
  5. 14.
    Krüger, T.: Hybrid LB-FEM modeling of dense suspensions of deformable particles under shear. SFB TR6 Seminar, Institut für Theoretische Physik II, HHU Düsseldorf, Germany (2011)
  6. 15.
    Krüger, T.: Mesoscopic modeling of red blood cell dynamics. Oberseminar: Theorie komplexer Systeme WS 2010, Institut für Theoretische Physik, Universität Heidelberg, Germany (2010)
  7. 16.
    Krüger, T.: Mesoscopic Modeling of the dynamics of red blood cells. Seminar talk at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Lehrstuhl für Biophysik, Bochum, Germany (2010)
  8. 17.
    Krüger, T.: Analyzing blood properties by simulating suspensions of deformable particles: Shear stress and viscosity behavior. ICAMS Scientific Retreat, Akademie Biggesee, Attendorn (2010)
  9. 18.
    Krüger, T.: Simulation of multiple deformable objects in flow via LBM and FEM. 19th Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics (DSDF), Rome, Italy (2010)
  10. 19.
    Krüger, T.: Computer simulations of dense red blood cell suspensions. TU Eindhoven,Department of Applied Physics, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (2010)
  11. 20.
    Krüger, T.: Simulation of a dense suspension of red blood cells. TU Braunschweig, Institut für rechnergestützte Modellierung im Bauingenieurwesen, Braunschweig, Germany (2010)
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