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Book Chapter (2)

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    Book Chapter
    Fabritius, H.; Sachs, C.; Raabe, D.; Nikolov, S.; Friák, M.; Neugebauer, J.: Chitin in the exoskeletons of arthropoda: From ancient design to novel materials science. In: Chitin, pp. 35 - 60 (Ed. editor), N. S. G. (.). Springer, Germany (2011)

Conference Paper (4)

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    Conference Paper
    Nikolov, S. D.; Fabritius, H.-O.; Friák, M.; Raabe, D.: Integrated multiscale modeling approach for hierarchical biological nanocomposites applied to lobster cuticle. National Conference on Physics, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, October 10, 2014 - October 12, 2014. Bulgarian Chemical Communications 47 (B), pp. 424 - 433 (2015)
  2. 43.
    Conference Paper
    Friák, M.; Zhu, L.-F.; Lymperakis, L.; Titrian, H.; Aydin, U.; Janus, A. M.; Fabritius, H.-O.; Ziegler, A. S.; Nikolov, S. D.; Hemzalová, P. et al.; Raabe, D.; Neugebauer, J.: Quantum-mechanical study of single-crystalline and polycrystalline elastic properties of Mg-substituted calcite crystals. In: Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 592-593, pp. 335 - 341. 7th International Conference on Materials Structure and Micromechanics of Fracture (MSMF 7), Brno, Czech Republic, July 01, 2013 - July 03, 2013. (2014)
  3. 44.
    Conference Paper
    Wu, X.; Erbe, A.; Fabritius, H.; Raabe, D.: Spectral and angular distribution of light scattered from the elytra of two carabid beetle species. API'09 - First NanoCharM Workshop on Advanced Polarimetric Instrumentation, Palaiseau, France, December 07, 2009 - December 09, 2009. EPJ Web of Conferences 5, (2010)
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    Conference Paper
    Nikolov, S.; Sachs, C.; Fabritius, H.; Raabe, D.; Petrov, M.; Friak, M.; Neugebauer, J.; Lymperakis, L.; Ma, D.: Hierarchical modeling of the mechanical properties of lobster cuticle from nano‐ up to macroscale: The influence of the mineral content and the microstructure. In: Proceedings of MMM 2008 "Computational Modeling of biological and soft condensed matter systems", pp. 667 - 670. 4th International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling, Tallahassee, FL, USA, October 27, 2008 - October 31, 2008. Dep. of Scientific Computing, Florida State University, USA (2008)

Talk (110)

  1. 46.
    Fabritius, H.-O.: Exploring biomimetic oral care concepts using advanced electron microscopy. The Goettingen Spirit Summer School “Symposium on mineralization and biometric concepts in dental research", Göttingen, Germany (2018)
  2. 47.
    Fabritius, H.-O.: Small-scale structure-property relations in biological hard tissues by nanoindentation. Indentation 2018, Liège, Belgium (2018)
  3. 48.
    Fabritius, H.-O.; Fabritius-Vilpoux, K.; Enax, J.: Quantitative Interaktion von HAP-Partikeln mit standardisierten Schmelzoberflächen in vitro und ultrastrukturelle Untersuchungen von Milchzähnen. Biorepair-Symposium, Bielefeld, Germany (2017)
  4. 49.
    Fabritius, H.-O.: Broadband reflecting fibers with tailored structures inspired by desert ants. SPP 1839 – Retreat, Kostenz, Germany (2017)
  5. 50.
    Fabritius, H.-O.: In-vitro-Untersuchungen zur Wechselwirkung von synthetischen Hydroxylapatit-Partikeln mit der Zahnschmelzoberfläche. Biorepair-Symposium, Bielefeld, Germany (2017)
  6. 51.
    Fabritius, H.-O.: How living organisms manipulate light: Photonic structures in nature. Spring School of the SPP 1839 „Tailored Disorder“, Karlsruhe, Germany (2017)
  7. 52.
    Fabritius, H.-O.; Wu, X.: Mechanochromic photonic crystals based on cuticular scales of the weevil Entimus imperialis. IOP Conference ‘Optical Biomimetics’, Imperial College London, London, UK (2017)
  8. 53.
    Fabritius, H.-O.; Enax, J.; Wu, X.: Structure-property relations in biological composite materials: An inspiration source for synthetic materials. 8th Indo-German Frontiers of Engineering Symposium 2016, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Potsdam, Germany (2016)
  9. 54.
    Fabritius, H.-O.; Schwind, B.; Wu, X.: Broadband reflecting fibers with tailored structures inspired by desert ants. SPP 1839 Kick-off and Networking Meeting, Wilhelm-Conrad-Roentgen Campus (Bessy II), Berlin, Germany (2016)
  10. 55.
    Fabritius, H.-O.: Photonische Strukturen in der Natur: Wie Lebewesen Licht manipulieren. Meilensteintreffen - BMBF Nachwuchsgruppe morPHOx, Universität Paderborn, Paderborn, Germany (2015)
  11. 56.
    Fabritius, H.-O.; Enax, J.; Wu, X.; Epple, M.; Raabe, D.: Structure-property relations in biological composite materials: An inspiration source for synthetic materials. 79th Annual Meeting of the DPG and DPG Spring Meeting 2015, Berlin, Germany (2015)
  12. 57.
    Fabritius, H.-O.: Alternative Präparationsmethoden für nichtmetallische Werkstoffe. Fachtagung Mikroskopie und Präparation (mikpräp) der Gesellschaft für Materialografie Rhein Ruhr e.V. (gmr2), Solingen, Germany (2015)
  13. 58.
    Fabritius, H.-O.; Enax, J.; Huber, J.; Ziegler, A. S.; Epple, M.; Raabe, D.: Small-scale structure-property relations in structurally graded biological materials. Nanobrücken 2015, A Nanomechanical Testing Workshop & Hysitron User Meeting, Potsdam, Germany (2015)
  14. 59.
    Fabritius, H.-O.; Janus, A. M.; Wu, X.; Nikolov, S.; Eisenlohr, P.; Friák, M.; Neugebauer, J.; Raabe, D.: Structure-property Relations in the Arthropod Exoskeleton, a Multifunctional Biological Composite. Materials Science & Technology (MS&T) 2014, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (2014)
  15. 60.
    Fabritius, H.-O.: Structure-property relations in biological composite materials – The arthropod exoskeleton. Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Seminar, Michigan State University, East Lensing, MI, USA (2014)
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