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Stein, F.; Palm, M.; Jiang, D.; Konrad, J.; Grüner, D.; Kreiner, G. M.; Grin, Y.; Sauthoff, G.; Frommeyer, G.; Raabe, D.: Off-Stoichiometry of Laves Phases. INPT SAIC INPACT "DewSchool", Bonascre, France (2006)
Grüner, D.; Ormeci, A.; Kreiner, G. M.; Stein, F.; Palm, M.; Raabe, D.; Frommeyer, G.; Sauthoff, G.; Grin, Y.: The Nb–Co System: A Case Study on the Nature of Laves Phases. 10th European Conference on Solid State Chemistry (ECSSC 10), Sheffield, UK (2005)
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