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    Journal Article
    Prokopčáková, P.; Švec, M.; Palm, M.: Microstructural evolution and creep of Fe–Al–Ta alloys. International Journal of Materials Research 107 (5), pp. 396 - 405 (2016)
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    Journal Article
    Kratochvíl, P.; Pešička, J.; Král, R.; Švec, M.; Palm, M.: Evaluation of solid solution hardening of Fe-27 at. pct Al by vanadium and comparison to precipitation strengthening by vanadium carbides. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions a-Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science 46 (11), pp. 5091 - 5094 (2015)

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    Prokopčáková, P.; Švec, M.; Lotfian, S.; Palm, M.: Microstructure – property relationships of iron aluminides. 64. Metallkunde-Kolloquium Montanuniversität Leoben, Lech am Arlberg, Austria (2018)
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