Medical Alloys

Exploring possible applications of atom probe tomography in the biological sciences

Atom probe tomography (APT) is predominantly used to study non-biological materials, in an ion-by-ion tomographic process. At MPIE, we are a part of a small cohort of research labs exploring the use of APT for biologically-relevant materials. This field of research takes on two streams within our research group: the study of materials for implants including bioresorbable ceramics and bioresorbable metals, and the study of frozen liquids that can be used as carry-media for hydrated biological materials. more

<strong>Theory-guided bottom-up design of <strong>β</strong>-titanium alloys as biomaterials based on first principles calculations: Theory and experiments</strong>

In this project we study a new strategy for the theory-guided bottom up design of beta-Ti alloys for biomedical applications using a quantum mechanical approach in conjunction with experiments. Parameter-free density functional theory calculations are used to provide theoretical guidance in selecting and optimizing Ti-based alloys... more

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