Comprehensive review article about Laves phases published

March 17, 2021

Frank Stein, head of the group “Intermetallic Materials” at the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung, and Andreas Leineweber, professor at the Technical University Freiberg, published a review article about Laves phases in the Journal of Materials Science.

The scientists summarize the state of the art knowledge about selected topics focussing on non-ideal Laves phases. Moreover, they give a systematic overview about the role of Laves phases in different materials for functional and structural applications.

Learn more about Laves phases as hydrogen storage materials, magneto-mechanical sensors and corrosion-resistant coatings:

F. Stein, A. Leineweber
Laves phases: a review of their functional and structural applications and an improved fundamental understanding of stability and properties

Journal of Materials Science, volume 56, pages 5321–5427(2021)

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