Scientists at the MPIE

Dr. Michael Rohwerder is head of the research group “Molecular Structure and Surface Modification” within the department “Interface Chemistry and Surface Engineering” and leads the Christian Doppler Laboratory “Diffusion and segregation mechanisms during production of high strength steel sheet“ at the MPIE. Amongst other topics, he is currently analyzing novel applications of Kelvin probe techniques, self-healing mechanisms and grain boundary oxidation. Dr. Rohwerder has successfully issued patents for the process of coating fine particles with conductive polymers and of coating metallic surfaces with an an-ti-corrosive coating. Current projects include novel corrosion protection systems for hot stamping and guidelines for the use of welded stainless steel in corrosive environments. Besides his research, Rohwerder is also teaching at the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany.

PD Dr. Stefan Zaefferer is head of the research group “Microscopy and Diffraction” within the department “Microstructure Physics and Alloy Design”. During his PhD and postdoctoral studies he developed algorithms for electron diffraction analysis in TEM and SEM and studied deformation mechanisms of titanium alloys and recrystallization mechanisms in cubic face centred metals. Zaefferer passed his habilitation treatise in 2009 at the University of Aachen, Germany, where he lectures since then a master course in materials technology. His research group at the MPIE examines mechanisms of microstructure and texture formation in metals and intermetallic materials mainly by electron microscopy. One of the current main re-search interests is the development of electron diffraction tools for scanning electron microscopes (EBSD & ECCI).

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