Scientists at the MPIE

Dr.  Steffen  Brinckmann  is  head  of  the  group      “Nanotribology”  in  the  department  “Structure  and  Nano-/  Micromechanics    of    Materials“    since   2014.   Before   that   he   was   a   senior   researcher   in  the  same  department,  which  he  joined  in  2013.  Brinckmann  had  several research stays as postdoctoral fellow after doing his PhD in applied physics  at  the  University  of  Groningen (The Netherlands) about the role  of  dislocations  in  fatigue  crack  initiation,   in   2005.   Before   joining   the  MPIE,  Brinckmann  was  a  post-doctoral  research  associate  at  the  Purdue  University  (USA)  and  at  the  California   Institute   of   Technology   (USA) from 2005-2008. After that he worked  at  the  Interdisciplinary  Centre  for  Advanced  Materials  Simula-tions (ICAMS) of the Ruhr University Bochum leading the group “Discrete Micromechanics  and  Fracture”  from  2009-2012  and  leading  the  project  group  “Microstructure  –  Property  –  Relationships” from 2010-2012

His  research  focus  lies  on  tribology  experiments  where  he  investigates    microstructure  evolution  during  friction  and  wear.  His  projects  investigate  the  tribology  using  micrometer  asperities that mimic a single asperity  on  macroscale  components  with  the aim to fundamentally understand the   irreversible   mechanisms   that   result  in  the  energy  and  structural  loss. Additionally, Brinckmann investigates the brittle and ductile numerical fracture mechanics at the microscale.

Dr.   Mira   Todorova   is  head  of  the  group  “Electrochemistry   and   Corrosion”   in    the    department    “Computational   Materials  Design”  since  2015.   Before   joining the MPIE at the end of 2006 as a  project  group  leader  in  the  same  department,  she  spend  two  years  as  a  postdoctoral  researcher  at  the  University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia.  In  2004,  Todorova  received  a  PhD  from  the  Technical  University  Berlin  for  her  PhD  work  on  the  oxidation  of  palladium  surfaces,  which  she carried out at the Fritz Haber In-stitute  of  the  Max  Planck  Society  in  Berlin. Since 2005, she had several research  stays  at  the  University  of  California,  Los  Angeles,  as  a  fellow  of the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM). Her  research  aims  at  the  development  and  application  of  ab  initio  based  multiscale  simulation  techniques to tackle problems in electro-chemistry, with a strong focus on corrosion and related topics. Her group and  she  perform  calculations  for  a  variety  of  systems,  such  as  metallic  alloys,  semiconductors  or  water,  investigating  both  bulk  and  surface  properties by means of densityfunctional theory calculations, thermodynamic integration, molecular dynamics or Monte Carlo simulations.

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