Po-Yen Tung receives scholarship from Taiwanese Ministry of Education

October 22, 2019

Po-Yen Tung, PhD student in the department “Microstructure Physics and Alloy Design”, was awarded with the Taiwanese "Government Scholarship to Study Abroad" (GSSA). The scholarship is the highest honor given to only 18 Taiwanese students pursuing a PhD degree overseas in the field of engineering. 

Po-Yen Tung is part of the MPIE’s doctoral program IMPRS-SurMat since March 2018, which promotes talented master graduates to join the institute or its partners to pursue their doctoral studies. Tung is a member of the research group “Materials Science of Mechanical Contacts” at the MPIE, where he works on the topic “Fundamentals of carbide decomposition in steel”. In his research, he applies several high resolution characterization techniques, such as transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography, to cast light at the fundamental processes behind carbide decomposition in an iron-carbon binary pearlitic steel. A breakthrough in the understanding of the underlying processes might help to significantly prolong the lifetime of bearings and rails.

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