Critical survey of more than 100 years of research on iron aluminides

Dr. Martin Palm, Dr. Frank Stein and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Dehm publish a comprehensive review article in “Annual Review of Materials”

July 22, 2019

Dr. Martin Palm and Dr. Frank Stein, heads of the group “Intermetallic Materials”, together with Prof. Gerhard Dehm, head of the department “Structure and Nano-/ Micromechanics of Materials” published a review article in the renowned journal “Annual Review of Materials”. Their article summarizes the current state of the art concerning iron aluminides. The journal has an impact factor of over 15 and ranks among the Top 10 out of more than 600 journals on materials science in the 2018 Scimago list.

The iron aluminides discussed in the review article comprise a class of alloys based on the disordered bcc (Fe, Al) solid solution (A2) or the ordered intermetallic phases FeAl (B2) and Fe3Al (D03). While being a well suited material to study many fundamental scientific questions related to the occurrence of ordering and the properties of intermetallic phases in general, these alloys are also especially interesting for industrial applications due to their outstanding corrosion- and high wear-resistance, which makes them candidates for lightweight alternatives to steels and nickel-based alloys.

M. Palm; F. Stein, G. Dehm
Iron Aluminides

Annual Review of Materials Research

Vol. 49:297-326
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