Best Poster Award for Dr. Martin Rabe

January 30, 2019

Dr. Martin Rabe, postdoctoral scientist in the department of “Interface Chemistry and Surface Engineering”, has won the second best poster award at the “17th International Conference on Organized Molecular Films” (ICOMF17) in New York. The prize is endowed with 600 US dollars and is sponsored by the journal Langmuir.

Dr. Rabe works on the design of switchable smart interfaces, based on a special biomolecule class: Coiled-coil peptides. Such surfaces are able to bind specific target molecules when switched on. On the other hand, they can release molecules again when they are switched off. Smart interfaces are of special interest for the development of intelligent bio-sensors.

The ICOMF offers a platform for researchers from different scientific fields with an interest in molecular films and related research areas to present their latest findings and discuss them with a professional audience. The conference takes place every two years in a different country and aims to promote the development of international collaborations.

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