Xiaolin Li receives Editor Choice Award 2016 from the Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion

February 13, 2017

Dr. Xiaolin Li, former doctoral student at the department “Structure and Nano-/ Micro­mechanics of Materials” in the group “Intermetallic Materials“ received one of the five Editor Choice Awards for her paper on “The Al-Rich Part of the Fe-Al Phase Diagram”. The prize is awarded each year for outstanding articles published in the Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion.

The Fe-Al system is investigated already since the 1920s, as respective alloys with Al contents above a critical value show an excellent corrosion resistance combined with a low density compared to conventional steels. Therefore, they are discussed as potential replacement for steels at high temperatures in structural applications. Together with her co-authors Anke Scherf, Martin Heilmaier and Frank Stein, Li contributed to this research by working on a detailed version of the Al-rich part of the Fe-Al phase diagram between 50 and 80 at.% Al including the complex intermetallic phases Fe5Al8 (ε), FeAl2, Fe2Al5, and Fe4Al13.

The paper is available as an “Open Access” article via http://www.mpie.de/3531689/publications-open-access.

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