Dr. Anna Shelyug, PhD

Department Microstructure Physics and Alloy Design
+49 211 6792 371

Main Focus

  • Hydrogen-plasma reduction
  • New sustainable alloys formation
  • Microstructure evolution
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Thermal properties


Experienced Materials Scientist with solid Analytical Engineering background. Synthesis, sintering and fundamental properties evaluation are my strengths. Arc-melting is a great tool that I am currently exploring at MPIE with application to Sustainable Metallurgy. I also do enjoy solving engineering puzzles and work with instruments.

Materials and scientific problems of interest

  • Sustainable Materials Science

Approaching every scientific problem from a perspective of sustainability

  • Materials for Nuclear Energy

It is a shame that such a powerful energy source experiences an hour of distrust

  • Plasma-facing materials for Fusion Energy

Another powerful yet unstable technology that needs effort from materials scientists

  • Materials for molten salt technologies

So many proposed materials, yet no material to rule that harsh environment 

  • Corrosion, radiation damage

Scylla and Charybdis of all abovementined areas of research, which have to be fought

Methods of investigation

  • Synthesis (solid-state, wet, combustion, high energy ball mill, glove-box, furnaces, clean room)
  • Thermal analysis (TGA-DSC-MS, high-temperature solution calorimetry)
  • Chemical composition (ICP-MS, titration, chromatography, AAS, AES)
  • Bulk structure (PXRD, BET)
  • Microstructure (SEM-EDX)
  • Mechanical properties (Hardness, toughness)

Curriculum Vitae

01/2023 - now                    Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow

Previous positions

03/2020 - 03/2023            Postdoctoral Researcher                     Institute of Solid-State Chemistry/Yekaterinburg, Russia

10/2014 - 12/2018            Graduate Student Researcher                                 University of California-Davis/Davis CA, USA

09/2013 - 07/2014            Senior Laboratory Assistant       Institute of Geology and Geochemistry/Yekaterinburg, Russia

09/2008 - 01/2014            Undergraduate Student Researcher                       Ural Federal University/Yekaterinburg, Russia

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